What’s Your Situation?

Holachef has become a part of many lives with its versatile offering. In fact, we have been known to rescue our fans across multitudes of situations and joined their celebratory cheer on various happy occasions.

Here are the top reasons why Holachef is popular across the city:


Conflict Situation

When you want Italian and your partner wants South Indian!

Order both at once from Holachef!


Pressure Cook-er Situation

When your cook makes something that you absolutely detest! Diffuse the situation with Holachef!

Emergency Situation

When guests coming over at a short notice, quickly order Holachef!

Situation of the Day

Having a great day? Celebrate with Holachef!

Having a terrible day? Cheer yourself up with Holachef!

Bored Situation


Win-Win Situation

When you want to order for two at the price of one. Hail BOGO at Holachef!

Situation Comedy

When you reach home and find no food to eat, Holachef hai na.

Situation Room

When there’s a business meeting with clients at your office, get everyone in a great mood with Holachef.

Make the Best of a Bad Situation

When your partner is upset because you goofed up big time and anything you say will be used against you, Gift-A-Meal or order-in a cheer-you-up meal from Holachef!

Roz-gaar Situation

When you are bored of eating same food in office roz-roz, avail Corporate Discount and get 30% off roz-roz from Holachef.

Party Situation

When you are looking for chakna, dips, chips, sauces, pickles, beverages, baked goodies, confectionery to make your party a vibrant affair…  buy it all from Holachef.


A Situation to Celebrate

Want to throw a birthday party or a celebrate a success? Get some delicious desserts and food from Holachef!



What’s Your Situation?

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