What SoBo means to Mumbai!

You probably can’t witness the magic that Mumbai is unless you have travelled to its southern parts and admired the South Bombay (SoBo) life. We have! And while we begin to deliver some delectable meals in SoBo, here is what we absolutely love about the ‘town’.

Marine Drive

Who wouldn’t want to step out in the evening for a walk along a promenade with glimpses of tall towers and the setting sun. While it is a routine for the townies to frequently hang out  at the boulevard, a couple in Andheri might have to plan an itinerary to travel all the way and enjoy a dreamy evening like that!

Colaba Shopping

Jewelry, ethnics, arts pieces, fashion – you name it and the shopping lanes of Colaba have it. No wonder then  most foreign tourists visit the Causeway – it adds to their ‘Bombay’ experience. A lot of street markets are spread across the city from the one at Link Road in Bandra to the lanes of Lokhandwala but the funkiest ring in your closet has to be from Colaba. 


Colonial Buildings

Driving your way to office amidst grand Victorian buildings must be something! Any number of tall glass towers in the rest of the city can never match up to their grandeur. These buildings add an exquisite charm to the city. And for those who are thinking of even remotely weighing them against the structures of Hirananandani Complex in Powai – well, nice try.


Fashion Sense

It’s hard to determine what is fashionably trending when in South Bombay. Almost everything is unconventional and yet looks wow. For instance, what the rest of the town thought were bedroom pajamas are a coffee date outfit there and we are left to wonder how they manage to pull them off!

Antiques Market 

Chor Bazaar as it is known, is a treasure trove of artifacts and can be a one stop destination if you are planning to do up your house. From four poster beds to film poster frames, the place can never disappoint you. And with fancy antiques with detailed carvings or just funky decors this place wins hands down. A great destination to hone up your bargaining skills too!


Needless to say, the rest of Mumbai gets its regular dose of bling and old-school charm from the ever-enchanting South Bombay or town or SoBo! And what’s more, now that Holachef is in SoBo too, we could not be more thrilled about it! After all, we are now closer to the ‘townie’ way of life.

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