Want Help With An Impressive CV? Tips Inside!

The standard word document that used to be meticulously structured and filled with content has graduated to become a creative, colorful and an engaging copy of self presentation. A CV these days, offers great scope for customization and if you are a seeking a job in a creative organisation, the following tips might just help you build an impressive one. Here are a few ways to make a classy first impression.

1. Customised Designs

Unlike the regular CV with bullets and numbers that categorically list achievements and education, customized resumes are creative to present and interesting to read. The use of various fonts, symbols and layouts can be much more appealing to interpret and grasp. These CV convey the credentials with engaging visuals and clever expressions while giving it a personal touch. A quick tip here is to customize your CV with terms and visuals that are most relevant to your qualification and add an interesting if not a witty element to the content.

2. 3D Sketches

This one is definitely not recommended for professions such as a lawyer, banker etc, on the other hand if you into creative fields such as social media manager, graphic and games designer and so forth, a 3D CV can help you present yourself much more effectively. Infact, you should opt for this CV only if you have a lot to say and that shall be better through images than words. Do keep in mind the work culture of the company you are applying at while going ahead with a visual resume such as this.

3. Alignment

It is not necessary to align everything to the left anymore, but while at it, there is a lot of scope for creativity. Playing with the incline on a sheet can change the face of your resume, while keeping it executive and simple too. Even while breaking the rules it is important to present yourself neatly, so always keep it reader-friendly.

4. Infographics

If you thought infographics are just meant to represent flow-charts in an alluring way, you’re wrong. CV’s and infographics have gelled so well together that it’s hard to ignore a resume like that. Listing your academic records, achievements, work experiences and personal details becomes easy to look at in one go. Not to forget the scope for aesthetic designs that infographics offer while keeping the CV inventive too.

5. Videos

Videos seem like the most accessible source of entertainment these days but the unusual and interesting part here is uploading a resume’ as a video. A video resume is an animated presentation of your speaking skills and delivers the required qualifications through speech. That said, there’s no one way to do it. You can keep it purely professional or mix it with some fun – but the message should be delivered right across.

6. Story

An interactive CV that tells everything about you through an interesting story can keep the reader completely engaged. If you are even remotely connected to any field of writing, this one can be a clever way to introduce yourself to the potential employer. Even while being content heavy, this CV can help put across information and add some extra info which otherwise would not find place. Nevertheless, keep the story sweet and simple!

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