The creative obsession!

It is normal to get obsessed with something we love! It is what they call the creative obsession.

Often, it might take time to find what one’s real passion is or what gets one’s creative juices flowing. Some might love painting or dancing, making films or writing journals. Even scientists get obsessed with their research. But the important thing is to discover that passion in self; which may not always be simple or soon.

Therefore, when we discovered that our passion was eating food or anything to do with it, it surely was a moment of delight. Suddenly everything seemed clearer and we knew in which direction to proceed; work wise. Ideas started germinating and the universe started conspiring to make Holachef happen for us.

But it wasn’t so easy to begin with. The larger picture seemed perfect but it was the smaller strokes that were hardest to conceptualize, just as with every other idea.

Some of the questions that we have asked ourselves and each other, pondered about, slept over, discussed at our dining table were:

How do we discover & aggregate Chefs?

Do people order food deliveries only because it is convenient?

Will our chefs be able to maintain consistent quality with each and every order?

How can logistics be optimized?

How can we get this to become the preferred destination for chefs and foodies alike?

What kind of packaging will keep the food fresh, warm and good-looking?

How many cuisines will we be able to cater to?

How will we achieve scale in operations?

And these were just some of the many questions that popped in our head; sometimes at 3 am or in the middle of watching a movie or while ordering-in food ourselves. The funny thing is – there was never a right answer for any of these. There were just more questions.

Guess what we did? We decided to start working and find answers that we were looking for along the way. We realized that we will never know till we try! That, we can now say, was the best possible solution to these mind numbing questions. And as they say, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. One step forward made way for two more steps ahead. Needless to say, it’s the best journey we have been on.

We have found our creative obsession. And we hope all the passionate food lovers out there discover an enthralling food journey with us / Team Logs / 2



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