Thank You Mumbai: How You’ve Been Awesome Foodies

We are thrilled to have delivered 1 million meals across Mumbai. A BIG THANK YOU! It is an exciting milestone for us and we are so happy to have you by our side.

A walk down the memory lane and we realize how you have been our strongest support while treading the foodie path and here are a few reasons, we can’t thank you enough for.

For Receiving Our International And Local Dishes With Equal Excitement

Our first ever listing in September 2014 had a sambar dish alongside a pasta and we went live with our offering – nervous and clueless what you would prefer. Over months, Mumbai surprised us with its diverse appetite, ordering a Rajasthani dal baati and a Spanish quesadilla with equal excitement and wiping off all culinary borders. We have evidently since then listed all possible cuisines and combos under the sun. Thank you for being the lovely foodies that you are!

For Recognising Our Chefs Through Their Meals

Chef Nishant Pawar

Chef Ravi Saha’s Subz Bahar or Chef Shahzad’s Belgian Mousse, many of you have picked your meal by deciding your favourite chef first, platter later. Your feedbacks continue to inspire our stars and motivate them to churn out the most creative and amazing dish varieties.

For Celebrating Food With Us

Our very first online food festival was on Independence Day, featuring delicacies from states across the country. It was so greatly received that we have since then celebrated every occasion and reason to satiate your cravings. From Nawabi Fest to Videsi Fiesta, our event calendar is packed with foodie ideas. Not to forget – the Indulgence Days with an array of desserts which have been a craze, no wonder we have hosted it over and over again!

For Complimenting And Criticising Alike

Our hearts have throbbed after reading some of those tweets and Facebook posts and at other times your PDA has totally melted us. Thank you for giving us a chance and many times a second and third. Your words, opinions and suggestions have reached our meeting rooms and certainly driven many decisions.

For Being A Part Of Our Initiatives

In an attempt to serve hearty meals to all those we can reach, Holachef associated with Robin Hood Army, distributing freshly made meals among the less fortunate who have made Mumbai streets their home. Your appreciation motivated us to start Giving For Joy where each of your social media interaction promoting this initiative, has led us to donate a meal on your behalf to the needy. 

For Being Demanding And How!

“Why are vegetarian dishes more than the non-veg options? Why are you not serving on Jan 1st? How is your food healthier? When will you start serving breakfast? When will you guys come to Delhi? Why don’t you have Peruvian cuisine on the menu? Will you inform me when you list Puranpoli next?” Whew! Thanks to you, we have figured out answers to these and many more questions.

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