Honest Ingredients

Our ingredients are fresh and our chefs forthright, so compromising on quality is a big no-no. Everything fresh, definitely delicious.

Delivered Hot, Anytime

Our food is delivered hot, anytime, anywhere. And what’s more? It comes in a box that’s all about retaining freshness under any temperature. Our packaging is pretty chill too.

Nothing Artificial About It

Natural Ingredients + Fresh Produce = Culinary Heaven. No artificial flavours and synthetic essences for us, please!


  • Baked Bean Hot Dog Roll with Ketchup

    Shubham Tripathi

    @chef: Lovely filling in the sandwich, providing an ecstasy of rich, fried and tasty patty put together in a hot-dog style bread. The perfect small meal to satisfy one’s non-mealtime hunger. A must try for every user!
    @service: Not too bad, this time. Food delivered in good time and the cutlery with the abundance of napkins and superb packaging as always is heartwarming!

  • Mutton Keema Matar with Chapatis (4)

    Ayumi Rajalingam

    I was craving kheema and this was just perfect.. Not too spicy and yet spicy enough.. Great weekend meal!

  • Coffee Mousse

    Gayatri Pagdi

    Loved this one. Chef Preety plays a lot with coffee…her coffee-caramel cake was good. Enjoyed the Banoffee Pie as well. Guys, please bring in more coffee desserts! Love them! 


Gift A Meal

Gift-a- meal to your buddy anywhere in Mumbai. Trust us, they will thank you for this swell gesture!

Party Orders

Sharing a meal is a warm feeling. So invite your family and friends and never ever worry about the food. Choose from 20 different cuisines on our menu. From lasagne to lavash, we got your back.

Happy Lunches

Who said office lunches have to only come from the same-old canteen? Look for special deals on daily lunch orders.

Healthy Food, Happy Food

Ordering in and staying healthy – it’s possible. Download our app for some great health advice and daily meal reminders (You don’t need a cheat meal, promise!)