Welcome to the new My Holachef Rewards program, the coolest rewards program out there!
Food and games – two things we just love, don’t we? Take, for instance, popcorn + movie. Or cricket + chicken tikka. That’s why, we decided to introduce our favourite game – Spin The Wheel under ‘My Holachef Rewards’ so that you literally spin your way to rewards. So, stop swiping right and tap your button to spin away and get unbelievable ranging from free drinks, desserts, items, meals, crazy discounts and get a chance to win the jackpot amount of 5000 Brownie points (We are not even kidding)!
How Does It Work?
  • It’s simple, really.
  • Earn a spin every 3rd order from now.
  • Up to 3 attempts are allowed per spin (What’s the fun in one try?)
  • Assured gifts for completing three spins within a month, including a shot at winning 5000 brownie points
What are you waiting for? Order now. Anddddd…did we mention that you can avail a bonus spin on your very first order ( we really should get an award for this!)
P.S. Read the validity + terms and conditions mentioned for the offers so you know the rules. Look for ‘My Coupons’ section on website/app to know your active offers.
P.P.S. Spins can be earned only for orders placed with a difference of 60 mins ( Yeah, we know how the mind spins 🙂 )