Ordering in for every occasion

Ordering-in for every occasion!

By Vineet Rajan

We order in a lot of food, so much so that my parents who live just down the road might even end up protesting one of these days. The day we got married, we came home (to my erstwhile bachelor pad) and ordered-in food. Our first meal at home as husband and wife was from a poli bhaji kendra restaurant that most likely was called Malvani Katta.

That continues to be the norm in our house even today and we end up ordering from outside very often!  I am not saying we don’t make good food at home, in fact it’s pretty great. My wife even makes one of those chicken roasts once in a while. Trust me, I have it good and I have nothing to complain.

Our favorite food in Hong Kong was noodle soup with meat of our choice.

Circa September 2015; my wife and I were in Hong Kong for our anniversary. The life style there was a bit of a shocker to us. Match box sized houses and the kitchens were the size of my study table. And I am not exaggerating this. We were staying at a friend’s place and all that they used the kitchen for was to boil water to drink. Every meal of ours was outside or we got take-away on our way back home from gallivanting. This apparently is the way of life for most of the working population in places like HK and easy to figure why.

While culturally Indians have been well tuned to ‘ghar-ka-khaana’; the time isn’t too far when we become a society like HK too. The kitchen size is shrinking in India as well even though there are huge socio-economic factors along the way.

I remember the first meal we ever ordered from Holachef (sometime in September 2014). The food was an hour late, and to make up for the delayed delivery we got chocolate brownies.  The next order too was late, and we got another couple of desserts with it to make amends.

The order we made after that, we were secretly hoping they would delay it again but by then they had finally figured their supply chain. Darn it!

We’ve been ordering in from Holachef for the whole of two years now. In fact, so much so that we figured out some pretty interesting life hacks around each package: from bags, cartons, the cutlery and now even the cardboard boxes. Did you know there is a way to enjoy their chapatis which actually makes them taste and feel better than the usual ones made at home? More on that some other day!

We’ve ordered from Holachef for just about every occasion. Too lazy to cook, order Holachef. Maid didn’t come today? Order Holachef. Just bored out of our wits, order Holachef. An occasion to celebrate? Order Holachef. Too drunk to get out of the couch, order Holachef and hope someone else opens the door for the delivery boy.

Here is a picture of my parents celebrating their 60th and 65th birthday respectively with – no prizes for guessing – Holachef.


Parents enjoying an elaborate Holachef meal to celebrate their birthdays!


About Vineet Rajan

Vineet is an entreprenur and a road-travel junkie. He goes by the name @RoyalEnfielder on Twitter. He is married to Swati, who works with Holachef and manages this blog, among other funky stuff!


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