My Food Wish List For 2016

A lot changed about what/how we eat in 2015. Omega 3’s became more commonplace, probiotics raided our fridge space getting pride of place along with humble home made dahi and the egg & fats made a come back (aha!). Wisdom of the value of a low-anything diet was questioned extensively. Thank God! All healthy signs of healthy times! We are definitely moving in the right direction. But there’s still lots more that needs to happen. Here’s a list of some stuff I’d like more of this year.

Import This

We blame the West for a lot of evil food, so to say. But that said there are some goodies (healthwise) that we’d like available to us here too, and as soon as possible. For example their customise-everything-drive wherein shoppers can buy made-to-order versions of chocolates, tea, cereals, coffee, granola and more – is a great idea. Perfect way to create food and health products based on individual needs like taste and budget, and specific health or fitness concerns.

Soups on the go (in bottles) too sound great. They’ll satisfy the need for fruit and vegetables when there is no time to shop and chop. Plus aren’t we all just sick of power bars and endless coffee cups to makeup for the lost lunch? I think they are called Cool Soup and were launched way back in mid 2008 in US at just about 100 calories per container. We’d love them here!

Another thing I have an eye out for (more out of curiosity) is the recently patented lab-bred strain of dulce seaweed that the scientists say tastes like bacon but is super healthy otherwise. Sounds like a good deal, but lets see…

Watch Out For

Now that our palate has become accustomed to probiotics (some like my son even love it), it’s time to get acquainted to prebiotics – food for probiotics. The logic for their inclusion in your menu is simple – the more you can feed and care for your ‘good bugs’, the healthier you will be. Good sources include wheat, barley, rye, onions, garlic and leeks.

I also think brown rice maybe passé’ instead more red rice will happen this year. Organic jaggery too may become hot. And the trendy herb for the year might just be…Tarragon! Every one’s saying this. Don’t know why? What I do know is that is that it is great for the digestive system and is a healing agent for stomach and the liver. So look up some recipes with it.

Eating Out?

A Peruvian cuisine restaurant please! And if you thought Peruvian cuisine was all about seviche only, you’re wrong. Peru boasts culinary influences from Spanish, Basque, African, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, and British immigrants. Ask those who’ve sampled it – it is delicious, full of heady flavours and unforgettable. Pisco Sour, anyone?

And I’d like the restaurants to post calorie counts on their menu cards de rigour. You think it is TMI (Too Much Information)? I don’t! No one will pass off a delicious dish reading the damning figures next to it, but at least he will know how much to make up for the next day.

Anyone Listening?

The grocery bill is fast getting a huge squeeze, thanks to the now-looking-like-they’ll-stay-steep-prices. With everyone watching their wallets, good bargain deals – that is more foods low in calories and high in nutrients in cheaper avatars – will be really welcome. What say!

Kavita Devgan is a Nutritionist, Weight Management Consultant and Health Writer based in Delhi. She contributes to the column Kavita’s Korner every Wednesday for this blog.

Follow her on Twitter here: @kavitadevgan

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