Kavita’s Korner – A Pinch of Health and a Dollop of Yum!

I pondered over what I should write about in Kavita’s Korner for quite a bit. And as I mulled, two things became clear: this will be read by people who don’t just love food but connect to it on a deeper level, and by people who love to have fun with their food.

So I have decided to stick to the ‘Food + Fun’ equation, tempered liberally with Health and Mindfulness. Another conscious resolve is: no preaching and teaching! I’ll just amble along, learn and improvise on the go… and hopefully share posts that showcase dynamic, gorgeous good-for-us ingredients and dishes. Along the way we’ll visit some old food memories too, but again the aim will not be to toe the line, but to map our own ‘spanking new’ food rituals and traditions. The basic idea is to use food as a means to chart out a healthier-happier living for all of us.

I believe that eating right is the best way to live fully. A good meal feeds more than the body, and dinner table is where our heart actually resides. So here, expect a tastier, fresher take on health, and ramblings about…

  • How I believe food should be treated, created, consumed and relished.
  • What food does for us and what it actually can!
  • What not to do with it.
  • How to harness the power of mind for maxing out the food we eat.

And of course as I can’t really undo who I am, and what I believe in, so there will be a sprinkling (a healthy dose) of info about maxing the health quotient of what we eat too.

Coming to health… I know it is tough taking a health decision today. One minute something is the flavour of the month, and the subject of every dinner party conversation, Facebook post and tweet, and the next minute it’s branded an irresponsible health risk. More the avenues of information, more the confusion! So right at the onset – in this first post – lets recall and reaffirm two sacred rules that I believe never go wrong:

Moderation wins! If you keep everything in moderation – you just can’t go wrong, whatever the research says or unsays. Look at it like this – even cholesterol is essential (sex hormones are made in the body by cholesterol). The fact of the matter is nothing is bad per se; it’s only bad in excess… and that holds true even for omega-3 – the latest ‘ail-all’ super antioxidant.

Instead of choking on facts (all are facts till the next study rubbishes them), respect foods (all foods). Stay in the know always, but don’t blindly give all food alerts the green light. Instead develop a gut to eat right – by instinct.

And finally like I read somewhere – Blast it and don’t simply follow the sheep. Fly. Make your own, informed choices.

Kavita Devgan is a Nutritionist, Weight Management Consultant and Health Writer based in Delhi. She will be contributing to the column Kavita’s Korner every Wednesday for this blog.
Follow her on Twitter here: @kavitadevgan



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