It’s A Love-Love Relationship With Holachef!

What can be bigger than loving every bite of your meal? Infact, as much as we want you to absolutely love our menu and meals, we are super delighted when you let us know of your affection. Like, compare the taste to your mom’s dishes, enjoy reading up our menu every day and not just adore the meals but also the little gifts!


So from the list of non-stop daily tweets that pretty much decide the mood at office, here are a few ones that shout and shower LOVE!

We’ve got the cure for everything!

What to say? We love the sequence of events!!!


We are living in a sweeter bubble after reading this! #bubbleblowergift


Presenting the …King of all tweets. We take fakr in you! #hindiwala


Awww, mom you say? You are such a lucky daughter we tell you!


Superrr….but wait. What about lunch? And snacks? And breakfast?



We want more love! Share your adorable moments with us by tweeting us at @Hola_Chef or tagging us on Instagram at @Hola_Chef.

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