Introducing ‘My Health’ Feature With Alarm-Settings: Holachef App

In a bid to curb the growing health and fitness issues in the business capital, Mumbai based food curator, Holachef, today announced that it has bolstered its Android app with a feature that allows consumers to keep a real-time check on the food consumption in their fast-moving mobile lifestyle. The Holachef android app uses the power of technology to bring a unique combination of Food & Health-check in a single feature with alarm-settings, complimenting with World Health Day’s theme to ‘Beat Diabetes’.

Advocating the health mantra of Eat right at the right time Holachef has taken one of the first steps amongst Food Tech companies to address the health needs by introducing simple yet effective steps of self-monitoring food consumption.

Speaking on the announcement, Saurabh Saxena, Founder and CEO, Holachef said, “Food intake at the right time contributes to a larger purpose of staying healthy and happy for our consumers and we like to contribute to this need. Addition of the ‘My Health’ feature to Holachef’s Android app is amongst the many simple and effective initiatives which we like to undertake for our consumers who consider us as their extended kitchen that has the option of the right quality food available at the right time for a healthy lifestyle”.

Continuing its vision of providing home-made qualitative food offerings, Holachef’s everyday menu consists of wider variety that contains carefully chosen ingredients that are healthy and suitable for daily consumption.  While the Breakfast section helps consumers pre-order and get food delivered in office instead of skipping morning meals, the evening snacks and the packaged food category ‘Flavours’ help cater to in-between hunger pangs beyond lunch and dinner time. Some of the many food items in snack category include, products like –salads, whole wheat wraps, boiled eggs with sprouts, however the Flavours segment offers a variety of packaged eatables of roasted whole grains with nuts and oats, dry fruits, fresh juices, baked chips and snacks, condiments, nutrition bars, etc.