Identifying your chef at Holachef

There’s only one way to make Holachef work for you – Identify ‘your chef’ at Holachef. Food is such a personal preference for everyone that what might be ‘too spicy’ for you may be ‘so bland’ for someone else. For the same reason, you might have certain restaurants as your favourites while the same eateries may not work for your friends!

Not a Holachef!

At Holachef, you can choose form multiple chefs. So while at a restaurant, you don’t have the freedom to choose ‘who’ will cook for you, at Holachef you can do exactly that! Once you identify which chefs work for your taste and palate, it’s easy for you to pick the right dishes from ‘your chef’ at Holachef.

Usually, you might have to take a few trials of the food to really figure which chef is better suited for you. After a few ‘meal dates’ with their food you will know who is your soulmate foodmate at Holachef as far as ordering meals and desserts goes!

However, to start with, here’s a simple ‘ready reckoner’ for you to see which chef specialises in which cuisine. You can also read about each chef against each dish listed on our daily menus here:


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