Best Chefs

Celebrated chefs prepare their signature dishes as per a new menu every day. Our team does a quality and quantity check. The food is packaged and stored at suitable temperatures till delivery.

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  • Quantity Quantity
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Online Food Order

To order / pre-order, log onto Holachef.com on the desktop or the Holachef app on iOS or Android. Choose your PIN code to see the menu available in the area for same day and next few days. Select what you want to eat from the various options available for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner and packaged goodies.

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  • Add Meal to Cart Add Meal to Cart
  • Choose Delivery slot Choose Delivery slot
  • Pay via Payment gateway Pay via Payment gateway

Food Delivery

Food is delivered in one-person meal format in ready-to-eat packaging with necessary cutlery. Food delivery takes place within your chosen time-slot. The vessels in which food is delivered are suitable to use in microwave.

Rate the food in the app or website

Once you have enjoyed the good food, give your ratings, feedback or suggestions under ‘Order History’ in your Holachef account. Basis the cumulative ratings, the particular dish gets listed again or is excluded from the future menus at Holachef

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