Chef-created and Delicious

Each dish brings out those warm fuzzy feelings because they’re made with an extra sprinkle of love by our chefs. Plus, we bring it to you hot and happily packaged!

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  • Quantity Quantity
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Online Goodness

To order or pre-order, just log onto Holachef (Either on your desktop or on your phone, available on iOS and Android), enter your location and there you have it, a new menu happily gazing at you. Select your dish/meal, choose a time slot, click away to delivery and pay online.

  • Select your Pincode Enter your location
  • Add Meal to Cart Add Meal to Cart
  • Choose Delivery slot Choose Delivery slot
  • Pay via Payment gateway Pay via Payment gateway

Ready-to- eat Happiness

Each dish is packaged for one person. A ready-to- eat meal package with easy-to- use cutlery. All you need to do is to microwave it and dig into it.

Rating The Stars

Crazy about Murgh Biryani? Do everything you can to make sure everyone knows. Rate it, give your opinion and suggest ideas under this little button called “Order History” on the app. Rating helps in two ways. One, feedback is here (hello, we care!) and two, if you #lovelovelove the dish, we’ll be happy to host it again. Win-win!

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