How a Foodie Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Love food? And in love as well? That’s double celebrations then, and this Valentine’s Day, here’s what you are likely to do while romancing your true love – whichever it is.


1) Expects the gift to be anything edible
Expensive watches, gadgets or phones are a necessity but food is the want. Doesn’t matter if it’s the regular pizza or a box of chocolates – infact how about gifting some assorted paans? You can adore the sight of him incessantly chewing them and atleast think of this gift to be a worthy one!




2) Thinks of the day to be yet another opportunity to gorge on food 
Bro 1 – Today is what?
Bro 2 – Today is Valentine’s Day.
Bro 1 – What’s cool about it?
Bro 2 – You gotta be like loud in love.
Bro 1 – And?
Bro 2 – You gotta gift.
Bro 1 – And?
Bro 2 – You gotta go on a dinner date.
Bro 1 – Wow, thanks bro! I think am gonna go celebrate dinner.



3) Gifts food vouchers to your loved one
Not a bad idea if the vouchers are of a high-end restaurant, you can look forward to another dine out soon. But here is a honest reminder – a Chanel perfume, a pair of CK jeans or a Louis Vuitton handbag are such gorgeous, materialistic, show off gifts. Vouchers? Seriously?




4) Brings in pizza and shares it
The love triangle is right there – in each slice…but did he just share the pizza with you? That shows the amount of love! There’s a clear winner then and we hope it’s not just for the day!




5) Idea of a special date – orders more food than usual
At the restaurant table:
Honey – I think I will have a manchow soup, chicken kebabs and aglio olio.
Baby – I think I will share the manchow.
Honey – And I want to have veg wontons, shahi paneer and butter naan.
Baby – Isn’t that too much food, honey?
Honey – It’s Valentine’s Day, baby.
Yeah, right.




6) Checks for buffet places to dine at 
Were you expecting candles adorning your table, soft music in the background and red balloons randomly gliding around? Brace yourself, this is going to be one crowded place with clinking cutlery and loud ramblings … but it’s unlimited food, sweetheart!



7) Instagrams food first, selfies with date later
The food tastes the same whether you edit it with Hudson, Valencia or Mayfair but there’s so much fun adding some 30 hashtags and flaunting the plate, isn’t it? Meanwhile, your date is wondering if her make-up will stay till you click a few selfies with her to post.




8) Quickly decides to order so there is less talking, more eating
Sweetheart – How do you like my dress?
Darling- Hey, let’s order first.
Sweetheart – But why didn’t you wear that black shirt?
Darling – Let’s order first.
Sweetheart – But let’s go on a drive na, after this.
Darling – LET’S ORDER.



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