Holachef – The journey begins!

April 2014.

Like any classic story, ours, too, began in a rented one-room basement. Except that it wasn’t as much of a basement but our dinner table. All we wanted to have was some good food delivered at our table which wasn’t a stupid pizza. It just didn’t work out. The local restaurants weren’t what we wanted, nor did they exude confidence with their quality of cooking or ingredients. The finer one’s wouldn’t deliver or were way too expensive to be called for a delivery.

Then it dawned upon us that if we couldn’t fulfil our craving for variety and good food and at the convenience of our homes or offices, there must be others feeling the same as well.

Ideas started streaming, we were bubbling with excitement.

First thing’s first; what did we want our food to be?

  1. Something new & different – not what we can make at home yet not the heavy or junk food we get from restaurants!
  2. Exceptional quality – fresh, aromatic, tasty!
  3. Authentic in taste – not the ‘mix-all-spices’ types!
  4. Affordable – Doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket!
  5. Home-delivered – at our convenience!
  6. Packaged well – Hassle free!


And may be with a little effort, make it even more experiential.

It took us many rounds of our signature ‘dining table’ discussions to decide that we only wanted the best chefs in town to cook food every day.


Thus began our journey of finding the most sought after culinary artists – creative food makers, housewives with best sense of taste and flavor, lovers of baking, worshippers of cooking, wizards of flavors, gurus of spices! Each of them brought to (our dining) table their expertise, some brought the regional taste of where they belong. Some got their family recipes on the table.

It was over-whelming (and very filling) to experience the taste of Kashmir or aroma of Kerala right in the confines of our homes; their authenticity and flavor well preserved! It was our turn to share this magnificent find with the world outside – the comfort of home, the delight of getting the fastest service possible and the finest food ‘worth craving for’, to everyone like us, who equate a great meal with a great life!


Holachef was born!


Holachef.com / Team Logs




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