Rejo Varghese

When hunger calls, there is usually nothing else that you can hear. Productivity is directly proportional to how well fed I am. On those days when momma’s food is outta reach, Holachef comes to the aid. Be it for a filling breakfast, or a satiating lunch, a quick munch or a light dinner, Holachef has it all! It has that same love which mom puts into each meal she prepares. And that is why I don’t feel like its dome restaurant food.

Most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it was our mom’s homemade lasagna or a memorable chocolate birthday cake, food has a way of transporting us back to the past. And Holachef does that to me often.  And maybe it’s coincidence but on my broke days, Holachef surprises me with some offer or the other. Making sure I never go hungry.  Telepathic love maybe? Hahaha. And it makes me feel like a globe trotting traveller. With so many global cuisines which are affordable to my wallet. It satisfies my urge to travel often. Without going anywhere. How can any startup be so thoughtful, I begin to ponder. And then it strikes, humanity is still in this world. There exists few loving beings behind this whole idea of Holachef. Gratitude then comes flowing.  Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity. My love for good food, gets me one more companion. And this one, I pray, will be around for good. Thanks Holachef!

Umesh Hange

Really awesome site for food lovers… Since the time I first got to know about Holachef, I became fan of it and I am in love with their food…variety and taste of food is awesome… Most importantly packing of the order is very attractive. And delivery too is very prompt…last but not least thanx for all the offers they give …really love it…three cheers and thank you! 

Anurag Rai

I have recently moved to Mumbai… In the first month I couldn’t find any restaurants that would serve healthy food and then thanks to a colleague who works in night shifts and orders regularly from Holachef,  I discovered an option for wholesome meals. Multitude of options in meals, good packaging and prompt delivery, I would recommend Holachef to everyone.

Arnab Mishra

Loved the concept of the app . Have tried it many times and actually i like the food and they taste very good . Delivery is always done on time and the customer service is also very quick . Sometimes the food arrives is cold but we can always reheat in a microwave oven! Providing food homestyle is a good idea and it gives a chance to eat home food while not being at home and also there is variety every day and the offers are also regular its very good app for food lovers craving for home food actually its worth craving for.

Archana Mehta

I have ordered from Holachef a couple times now. It was recommended to me by a foodie friend so naturally I had high expectations. And I must say Holachef has surpassed my expectations!!! The packaging is hygienic and eye pleasing. The food’s quality, quantity and taste quotient is super high. Although personally I feel the international dishes are way better than the Indian dishes. And the desserts are sooo well priced one cannot help but indulge!!!
I recommend Holachef to all those people who don’t have home cooked food arrangements. Holachef is a wonderful replacement that’s goes easy on your pocket. Cheers!! 🙂

Harit Batra

When you have multiple meal choices and that too across the cuisines, it definitely makes you a loyal customer to that restaurant. That’s exactly what Holachef means to me. There are so many things that make ordering on Holachef’s app an appetizing experience:

  • A faster checkout than freecharge..lolz
  • Chef’s photo and his expertise.
  • Ratings for every meal. Wooo, who gives that?
  • The comfort of delivery slots. The earliest one from t+15 minutes .Wow
  • The despatch confirmation mail..Yumm
  • Option to pay with Sodexo (tax benefits) + Brownie Points on top of that..
  • Delivery to any geographical point, provided your Pin code is in their list.
  • “I care about environment” checkbox.. An ego booster

No order cancellation on the app. Very smart that. Prevents an abuse that *** cabs face! haha!

Neha Mehta

Holachef is one of the best delivery system in mumbai. The delivery is quick and always on time. They have wide range of menu to choose from rajasthani dishes to western cuisines. One platform that combines all the cuisines together. You can get rajasthani famous food like dal bati, north indian like aloo parathas and paneer dishes, italian cuisine like pasta and spaghetti, chinese such as noodles, american dish like lasagnea and mumbai street food like sandwich, all on one platform. It also offers various kinds of desserts, ranging from indian sweets to cupcakes, tarts and brownies. If you have craving for indian sweets like imarti, barfi or pedas and desserts like red velvet cupcake, you can instantly order from holachef to satisfy your cravings.

They have different time slot for ordering so you can choose whichever time is convenient for you. Another best thing is they provide all the meals from breakfast, lunch, snacks to dinner. So whenever you are hungry, food is just one order away!

Say what you will but I’m in love with Holachef. From parathas to desserts, the food is just yummy and healthy. My favorite food from holachef is pasta, aloo parathas and coconut barfi. Whenever you are hungry just try once i bet you will be tempted to order again!


Utkarsh Jain

The food at Holachef app is worth craving for..All the dishes n desserts are so nice and tasty..I love having this food..The chefs are qualified and the food they make tastes awesome. It great to have dishes that have been prepared by them..The quality of the food is like home-made food which makes me order every Saturday and Sunday..Living in a hostel I can say that this is the best food a student can get..Thanks Hola team for such a tasty and hygienic to be a customer of Holachef.

Deepali Bansal

I can’t tell you how much I love Holachef you can see that through my orders! I always appreciate you guys.We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

Yash Sharma

I am a huge fan of Holachef. All my weekend food comes from Holachef. Not only me, my friends in college also love your food. As a matter of fact, there are at least 10 friends who have created their account and order every now and then. The best part has to be desserts. I don’t think I have eaten such delicious desserts any where else. Good job guys, keep up the good work you all deserve it.

Ravishankar Purne


I remember the day when
I ordered for the first time on Holachef.
I waited for the delivery with curiosity.
The food was finger-licking tasty.
I prefer Holachef over any other food delivery services.
I’m in love with you guyz…
Keep it up 😉

Dhruv Lather

Taste is not what you think. Every schoolchild learns that it is one of the five senses, a partner of smell and sight and touch, a consequence of food flitting over taste buds that send important signals—sweet or bitter, nutrient or poison?—to the brain. Were it so simple.

In the past decade our understanding of taste and flavor has exploded with revelations of the myriad and complex ways that food messes with our consciousness—and of all the ways that our biases filter the taste experience. Deliciousness is both ingrained and learned, both personal and universal. It is a product of all five senses (hearing included) interacting in unexpected ways, those sensory signals subject to gross revision by that clump of nerve tissue we call the brain.

Let’s start at the beginning: Food enters your mouth, meets your teeth and begins to be broken down by enzymes in your saliva. The morsel soon moves over your papillae, the few thousand bumps that line your tongue. Each papilla houses onionlike structures of 50 to 100 taste cells folded together like the petals of a young flower about to bloom—taste buds, we call them. These cells have chemical receptors attuned to the five basic tastes—bitter, sweet, sour, salt and umami, the last a word borrowed from Japanese that describes the savory flavors of roast meat or soy sauce.

These five tastes are enough to help determine if the thing we just put into our mouth should go any farther—if it’s sweet or savory and thus a probable source of nutrients or if it’s bitter and potentially poisonous. Yet they can’t get close to communicating the complexity of the flavors that we sense.

And then I came across HOLACHEF, where some amazing chefs make a recipe which is combination of all these 5 tastes. This is just a beginning of a tasteful journey, which starts from the mouth and ends in my stomach. 

Harsh Rathod

So thanks Holachef for bringing such a service us users, compared to other food services, nobody is as impeccable or near you as a service provide. Your deliveries are superfast, food is yum and the most loving part is its healthy too, cant ask for anything more for the price. I love your packaging carry bags, everything you’ve done has a motive and a quench to give smiling faces to your customer. I always prefer you for my breakfast, cant even think of others, so many varieties, quick delivery, hot and healthy food. Also for the end I love your deserts. Minimal qty so lesser prices and everyday new options to choose from.

I love you Holachef! Long live and cheers to your superb team.

Shivanjali Bhatnagar

Holachef has made life easy and tasty. The food that Holachef provides is not the normal food that we order from restaurants, it is the kind of food that one eats in a five star hotel. You get the Five star hotel experience sitting at home in an hour and in affordable prices. The journey with Holachef started with me sharing a plate of cheese and mushroom bake with a friend and I ended up finishing most of her food. That’s when I feel in love with it, and then I never stopped. Every time I have 100 rs extra in my pocket I end up ordering something from Holachef. I desperately wait for all the exciting offers and coupons. I think this website was a brilliant idea , it has made the tastiest food available at home. The desserts are to die for, the masala chaas is another beautiful experience. I Love Holachef.

Himanshu Bhandari

Dear Holachef and Team,

Lots of thanks first of all for making my lunch time a delight many a times. I still remember the first time I ate puri-shrikhand ordered from Hola and since then I think I have tasted almost everything that you people served. Thanks a lot people not only for good quality of food but also timely delivery and awesome customer care service. I gifted my girl friend working in BKC her favorite dish via Holachef on our proposal anniversary.

So you know why I love you so much. Keep doing the awesome work.

Bharath D U

Dear Holachef,

With the sweltering heat sweeping across Mumbai, I crave for some delicious cuisines but I don’t dare to step out in this hot sun, especially in between my busy schedule. And here comes the angelic Holachef (referred by a friend) with a magic wand that creates exquisite exotic cuisines that flatters n entices my taste buds. I crave for that dopamine surge delivered right at our door steps and fall in love with Holachef over n again, every time I order a meal or a dessert.  Chefs with a variety of recipes n cuisines have been excellent to dole out dishes one after the other on the platter. Holachef, you have won my heart n make me go weak in the knees especially when it’s 2pm, 8pm.

Love you Holachef.
Yours forever,

Mourya Dandu

I have recently come across Holachef through a friend. Initially skeptical, I slowly started getting used to ordering from you. I think what makes Holachef unique is a carefully curated set of dishes and also kind of making me feel being home. It’s almost like calling my mom and asking whats for dinner tonight. Staying in Andheri, the delivery time is unbelievable almost less than 10 minutes. I believe the selection from cuisines make it very unique to dine with Holachef. I continue to share my love for Holachef and hope to continue this relationship.

Vijaya Gowrisankar

Famous chefs and their tasty food were once accessible only to people visiting big hotels. Holachef has brought mouth-watering food directly to our homes, “our” being the common man, from the kitchen of famous chefs. Missed lunch? Tired after a day’s work and looking for a healthy snack to boost my energy and start my evening. Friday evening and looking to take it easy? Special occasion, but not a family that eats out in a restaurant? Curious to try different cuisines. These are some of my excuses to order from Holachef. Well, what’s so tempting about Holachef that I refer it to friends, colleagues and return to it so often?
Tasty, healthy food, promising high quality, made accessible everyday, with lots of delightful regular offers – Thank you Holachef for this gift.

Nadia Vitari

So much to discover so little time! Thanks Holachef for letting me experiment with cuisines from all over India and not only… Without you my kitchen would be a puzzling mess with, most likely, baffling and disastrous results! Sharing my love for you today also means that your fast and always different, yummy service has helped me save time, precious moments that I have used to devote my attention to others around me  and, why not, also to myself and relax a bit in these crazy days!

You are not a guilty pleasure; in fact you are a pampering, well-deserved indulgence!

Shantanu Samak

I have ordered from Holachef on more than 5 occasions till now. Every time they have raised the bar with quality, taste, delivery and promotions. They food is sumptuous and the portions are quite filling. Needless to say hygiene is maintained in preparations and packaging. Too many options available to choose from and scheduled delivery is something that most of the competition does not offer. However the most interesting part for me is the availability of breakfast as most of other portals or home deliveries aren’t functional in the morning hours.

I would love to see more of Indian regional dishes on the menu. I wish Holachef all the best in their future endeavors. Keep up the Food Work…i mean Good Work!

Purav Shah

Holachef was referred to me by my friend, and i wasn’t much excited about it at first but as I checked out the app, I was just lost in the delicious food and dishes that were available on menu, especially the punjabi dishes which are available at pocket friendly prices. With fair good quantity and of course the amazing taste..Dishes prepared by the qualified chef and delivered right at your doorstep is just an amazing concept to start with..and to be honest it really gives you that “ghar ka khana” wala feeling and you feel really satisfied after having a Holachef meal..So nowadays  one of the few things I do everyday is to checkout the dishes that are available on Holachef’s app and just keep staring at the visuals of such tempting dishes & after all the icing on the cake is their Buy one get one offer ..and i see to it that i don’t miss to grab any opportunity to avail any offers.

Keep up the good work Holachef & thank you for the wonderful meal everytime!

Siddhant Wadhwani

It was really a great experience. Have ordered various dishes, prepared by your best chefs. Receiving special gifts along with every order in the beginning, to referring friends and earning rewards and bonuses has been a great temptation. Apart from the quality and quantity, the love with which the food is prepared and sent across is also great. I’m truly delighted to order food from the best of chefs across the world.

Keep up the brilliant work. I wish I too learn from your team to prepare such wonderful delicacies and get a chance to join your team some day.

Shrikant Vishwakarma

Dear Holachef,

I am using hola since eight month and I got a food on time, I want to thank you hola for providing the better quality with yummy taste that I ever had and your website is too familiar as compare to foodpanda, zomato, and other  people. I’m 100% sure that no one will beat you in terms of quality hygiene food and quick service, and lastly I would like to say that I always refer hola to my friend and all who are hungry for taste.

Love you hola. Cheers All the Best.

Shreyashi Dasgupta

How do you know one is a foodie and a girl?
When you are so indecisive regarding food shopping for food ! And Holachef is totally responsible for spoiling me ! I enter the site thinking about some food, browse and change my choice at every screen, test my controlling power by missing on the dessert and come to the checkout page! Oh no! There are food suggestions! That scrumptious brownie and the apple pie!, Suddenly the craving peaks and I HAVE to have the brownie! Order done! Wait a second. There are healthy munchies… the FLAVOURS code will get me discounts on them. I have just had a lot of calories! I need to make up for it through the yoghurt and the munchies. … errr. The hummus looks delicious .. i can stock it for dinner…. Ordered, ordered, ordered. .. Gosh! Thats a Holachef order for me !