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Hars Saraf

The food was commended by one and all. It was awesome in terms of both quality & taste and quantity. Our organizing team wants to thank you specially for punctuality. Never have we ever received a service which was so professional and punctual. From the service we received on day one we were sure Hola was the best choice we could have made and that we would not have to worry about the food for the event. The service was seamless and you would certainly be our first choice for all future events.

Satish K Rikkamalle

I want to thank you hola for blessing in for us who are staying away alone away from our families and providing the better quality with yummy”Hatke” taste that I ever had and your website is same as compare to others and  I am  sure that no one will beat you in terms of quality hygiene and healthy food with quick service, and lastly I would like to say that I always refer hola to my friends and all who are hungry for taste.

Nikhil Sangtani

Holachef a superb platform were you get a variety of Indian and different cultural food. It’s like eating maa ke hath ka Khana. A website for food lovers who wants to enjoy food at their own home or offices without any journey or hassle. Both me and my brother love to have food and sometimes its not possible to go to restaurant, so its a very good option to order from home and deliver at home. Moreover one also gets good coupons and offers for food which makes it cheap easy and awesome. The food is delivered in time and the quality is also pretty good.

Aarti Sharma

Holachef has become an integral part of my life. I have stopped carrying my lunchbox to my office  so that I can order food from Holachef. Your food is so tempting that I can’t resist myself from ordering every day. The best thing is that on my birthday the lunch treat I gave to my friends was ordered from Holachef and they loved the food so much that they have also started ordering from Holachef. Thank you Holachef for providing home-made food at affordable rate. It’s a boon for working professionals like me.

Adelbert Fernandes

Hi, I was trying to order some Hokey Pokey ice cream from Holschef but was unable to do so. I put in a message on the chat and immediately was helped by your representative Sonal Chavan who called and helped me to place an order via a link sent to my E-mail. What made it special was that she helped me make the order via a link as I wanted to gift it to someone. Thank u all folks at Holachef …really delighted by the customer service.


Let food be thy medicine if the food is from Holachef. That is what i can say about Holachef. All the ingredients used are fresh and prepared in a healthy way. Menu keeps changing everyday so you are not bored to order again and again same thing day after day. Another good thing about Holachef is that delivery is always on time. All the food delivered are nicely packed. Have tried  them for lunch as well as to satiate my sweet tooth cravings with their sinful options of dessert. All are flavourful and tasty. I wish they expand this delivery of Happiness to more locations so that more and more people can avail their services. Best of Luck to Holachef.

Koushik Sinhamahapatra

Holachef offers us with the facilities like choosing meal from a wide array of cuisines, choosing the chef whom we prefer, gifting a meal and placing order in a hassle-free manner. In our busy schedules, when selecting and ordering a meal takes considerable time, Holachef comes as a breath of fresh air. Kudos to team Holachef for their out of the box thinking. The idea of presenting varied gastronomic delights from all the corners of India on the occasion of Independence Day was truly endearing. Surprise gifts which come along like desserts or cutting chai glasses just bring more smile and happiness.

Mohammad Arif

Holachef delivered me superb Mawa Gujias.They sent 2 pieces having silver layer over them. I have never tasted such tasty gujias in my life. Their stuffing was very  good. Everything was in perfect ratio. Then coming to the second item was Pista Lassi. Instead of pista lassi they delivered some other drink.They called me and said that pista lassi is out of stock and we can provide some other drink instead. I said that whatever you have send it. When I opened the food packet I just drank it up without even looking at what was given. It was great in taste. It was too heavy. Two bottles of tasty lassi and my stomach was full. Best thing is they sent it in sealed bottles and hence no chance of leakage. Nice job.

Mukesh Gupta

If u are finding something different to have food like home, I will suggest u Holachef. It is seriously a blessing in for us who are staying away alone away from our families. The day i started using Holachef I no longer missed home cooked food. Some of my favourite chefs are Ravi Saha, Sonica Khanna, Preety Shetty and Richa. The desserts which are made by Preety Shetty are awesome, especially devils cake which is my favourite one but it goes out of stock in the beginning of the day ???. The North Indian foods by Sonica khanna is something very special and awesome for me. Chef Sonica Khanna is my all time favourite chef. I think there is some magic in her hand ✋. But this app is something very unique and special. But one awesome thing in Holachef is penne in puttanesca sauce with garlic bread. I like your other dishes also like parathas, chapatis with chicken dishes or paneer dishes. That samosa chaat was one amazing food i ever had in my life. The idea of gifting a meal is something ‘hatke’. I have gifted lassi and pastry to my friend Sushil. He asked me it would have cost you much. But I said nope bro… was free of cost. He said how? you must be joking. I said there was  coupon code Gift which i have applied on that order. He said wow it’s amazing. Then he said that pastry was amazing ‘Ferrero rocher cake’. From that day he has been ordering pastry from Holachef only instead going to other shops.But the way you pack the food is great in a paper bag. It simply means you guyzz care for our environment which is one amazing thing. I would like to appreciate Holachef team for this. Few days ago, I ordered some kulcha and jaipuri masala paneer. That was too damn good. There is no doubt that the food from Holachef is healthy. The service centre team at Holachef is also great. And they reply to you very fast. Salute to service centre team of Holachef. A unique thing about Holachef is if u want to pre order your food u can do that by using time slot and other options.The idea of flavours is good. If u want u can order packaged food by going to flavour. My favourite is bhakarwadi by chedda’s. Surprises with meals is also a unique thing i have found in Holachef. When I gifted meal to my friend he got a surprise of cutting chai glasses which was amazing. But now a days there are some changes in app. I found a glitch where the price of flavours are not aligned properly. But now a days the prices of dishes get low.

Saurabh Raj

Got the awesome Pineapple Mouse from Hola. Was cup licking and fabulous in taste. Along with that I also ordered 1 x Veg Club Sandwich (2) with Herb & Spiced Paneer Croquettes .They were also up to the mark. Their price is perfect, delivery is perfect, food is perfect and at the end Holachef is all about perfect e catering.

Sushant Garg

Friends Holachef delivered good dinner to me on time. I ordered late at around 9.15 pm and most of the other food ordering apps had closed their delivery. But holachef kept their promise and helped me overcome my hunger. Delivery address was quite out of the city even then Hola promised a delivery and stood by it. Thnanks Hola Team.

And Aaloo Mutter Sabzi was very yummy. Rice and Daal was also nice.

Nilesh Gupta

Holachef is a website for food lovers who wants to enjoy food at their own home or offices without any journey or hassle. Both me and my brother love to have food and sometimes its not possible to go to restaurant, so its a very good option to order from home and deliver at home. Moreover one also gets good coupons and offers for food which makes it cheap easy and awesome. The food is delivered in time and the quality is also pretty good.

Shrenik Tambe

Hola!! I don’t know how to express my love towards Hola Chef! It is seriously a blessing in disguise for we guys who are staying alone away from our families. Since the time I have started ordering my food from Hola Chef I no longer miss home cooked food. Superb Taste and awesome service and that too at such a reasonable price. The more I order each day the more I fall in love with you guys! Overall rating 10/10. Excellent food quality, great packaging and superb hygienic stuff. The best part is you don’t have to worry on what to order each day as you will surely get all your favourite meals in one single app. Cheers to Hola Chef Team! You guys Rock!!! Keep it up

Praval Singh

I had ordered “Penne Puttanesca with Garlic Bread”

So I ll start with delivery.

Delivery was on time. Actually before time. The delivery boy easily found the given address and that too on time.



The packing of the food item was good. It was having a nice paper packet which was environment friendly. Inside it there was a nice plastic Tiffin. Garlic bread were wrapped in a aluminum foil. I was expecting them also in a small tiffin.

Food Quality


Pasta was good  in taste . it was a bit cold. I could taste the flavors of different spices. It was not overcooked not under cooked.A perfect blend was there. The sauce was mixed with it and it complemented the dish well. Coming too garlic bread,they were also good. But since they were could i could not enjoy the taste.

Next time I will heat them in microwave. They also gave me two cutting chai glasses free..That was a surprise from Hola..

Arun Pillai

This concept is simply value for money..the service is fast. The taste and quantity are fact quite good. The pav bhaji and south Indian idlis are best are the seasonal guilt-free cakes and other desserts. I liked your other dishes also like parathas, roti, chicken dishes and mutton Rogan josh was yummy..the poori masala is delicious…it is s quite clean too..your chaats are great especially the samosa chat. you should try to make it regular .I will recommend this to anyone. this is the best thing that came to Navi Mumbai where i am fed up of going out to eat and still only get bad food. The other food is either full of masala or full of cheese. My final line – Hola Chefs can make tasty dishes without the help of cheese or butter ..that captures it all. 


Hina Chauhan

Thnks HolaChef for making lunch tasty. Zafrani pulav was yummy and quantity was enough.Dal Bukhara was creamy and nicely prepared.Delivery person came on time and called on given number. They gave tissue paper along with nice plastic spoons. A perfect Punjabi lunch munchie.

Swati Kesarwani

Remember those times when you are at office engrossed in work and hungry and want to order food without going through regular affair of selecting items from confusing selection of menu items from a restaurant after selecting it post reading the reviews on it from other customers and keeping your fingers crossed for the quality of food ordered and on time delivery, in that case Holachef is the best available option. You can always vouch for the quality of food and ontime delivery. Plus the food is non greasy  and its menu has simple options to order complete meal healthy with good offers that make it pocket friendly too. Then why go else when Holachef is here. 3 cheers for Holachef !!!

Aakash Gupta

It was a normal day.I want to order some food as usual.I use to order food from app name ******. But they used to deliver food from nearby restaurants. I got bored eating the same restaurant food everytime. I was just looking for a good app on Google Playstore. In that I found Holachef. I just installed the app and was looking for something as I was very hungry. I wanted full meal including rice chapattis and something gravy, I found paneer butter masala, jeera rice, chapatis and dal makhani. I remember the chef name was Sonica Khanna. Let me thank Chef Sonica Khanna for that awesome meal which made my day, Thank you chef Sonica ji. As compared to the restaurants, the food quality of Holachef was awesome! How? When you order something like paneer butter masala from restaurants the minimum price will be Rs 150, And in that u will find a lot of extra oil and spices. But that paneer butter masala was not like that. It was very tasty and healthy also.


Devil’s food cake is one of the most awesome desserts I find in Holachef. And one thing of devil’s food cake  is when it comes to the menu, it goes out of stock very fast. Some unlucky people didn’t get that .


Gift A Meal: The idea of gifting a meal is very unique and I really like it.
Time slot idea is something very unique. If u want to order food for night, this app has option of delivery time slot.

Care for environment

Some people don’t like to use paper napkin as they believe it spoils the environment. They have an option for this also. Some people like packaged items with their food. Holachef has options for this also: just go to FLAVOURS and order what you want. I order aamras from Paperboat.


The way they present the food is awesome. Just wanna say,’shandaar,zabardast,zindabad’ guyzzz. As this app cares for environment they use to give food in a paper packet. They use to pack each and everything in separate box. Comparing with other app, if u order meal from any other app they use to give u everything in a box like tiffin.

Quality and Quantity

There is no doubt that the food from Holachef is not only tasty but also very healthy .Now a days there are some changes in the app.
New chef from Saffola Masala Oats name Archana Doshi cooks healthy recipes. I have not yet tried Archana Doshi ji’s food but would like to give it a try.


According to the festival or days Holachef will surprise you by giving something awesome. On Friendships Day Holachef was giving two cutting chai cups. This is awesome Holachef.

Ankit Dubey


Sunil Narang

I love Holachef as it has always made me feel happy and satisfied with its delicious food. Holachef always brings flavors and dishes from all over the country. I appreciate Holachef for its innovativeness and creativity.The range of foods offered is diverse and it makes me feel  happy that I can always choose over a vast range of food items be it at my office or home. The delicious menus for desserts and Flavours makes me become a huge fan of Holachef and to refer my friends to order from Holachef. My best wishes to one of the most assorted online food ordering in Mumbai. I just hope and wish that Holachef grows bigger and better each day and the most popular food hub where people from all over the country staying in Mumbai can experience the best food. Thank you Holachef..!!

Kadambari Mathur

My auto response to hunger spells is!  Not kidding! It has become a ritual to sift through the thoughtful menus with the names of chefs!  I can now taste in my mouth! My perennial pastime is to browse through the dessert section and I do it almost every day! Been seriously enjoying the speedy delivery of cold-pressed juices and other things from the flavors section! It also feels damn amazing to be able to rate the food and give gold stars to the superb chefs! I love the choice I am given and sometimes the sight of the food changes my preset choices and I am so willing to try new dishes. I know I am going to be a Hola loyal! 🙂

Abhi Shah

I have ordered food from Holachef a couple of times now and it has been a great experience always. Love the quality and taste of the food delivered. Like the service provided in case of late or change in food delivery time. Holachef provides homemade like food to people staying away from their home. Keep up the good work Holachef and good food delivery. Thank You for the good food.

Krishna Sinhamahapatra

 “Variety is the spice of life”. Certainly it is so. And if we talk about arduous food lovers, variety in the food menu makes their day. It is this variety in the food palate provided by Holachef which has carved a niche. My rendezvous with Holachef began in one rainy evening when I ordered a meal just casually. The order was made casually but that evening became special as it saw the beginning of my love. Yes love it was and love for no romantic hero with a great physic and impressive personality but my love for this sui generis
That was the beginning and it was followed by numerous orders which strengthened my love further. Special mention should me made of the meal ordered on the eve of Friendship day consisting of Chicken Malvani Sukka with Parathas and  Chicken Shami Kebab  with Mint Chutney. The dishes were very delicious and made my evening with my friend even more special. The cutting Chai Glasses which came along as a gift will remain with me as a souvenir from my love, my Holachef.

Bhaskar Gurram

My friend gifted me a meal using Holachef and it was delicious . The idea of gifting a meal is very unique and I really liked it. I checked the app and the user interface was good although I found a glitch where the price of flavours are not aligned properly. I myself haven’t ordered any food as of yet and would love to give it a try as I believe that Holachef’s food is worth craving for.

Amit Puri

Really love the passion and energy at hola… It really shows the love they have for food and for feeding hungry souls like us…. It’s truly amazing the way the packaging, presentation and quality of food is…. Hats off guys you rockkk … Keep up the fantabulous job.   Cheers!

Sonali Jadhav

I have tried Holachef and its awesome.The deserts were amazing.??The quality was amazing. But prices are bit high but that’s not a problem cause you give quality food. The quantity was also great. That paneer masala was also awesome!


If you are feeling hungry and have no time to go out then Holachef is your right choice. I am a regular customer of Holachef and last time ordered Idli with Medu Wada for my friend. He told me the food was a very tasty and he got the free cutting chai glass too with order. I just love their app, it’s so easy to navigate and order. You get enough options of ordering food around your area through pincode and ample choices. Rating mentioned with each food makes it easy for you to decide what to order and what to not. More than that the offers make your deal lucrative. You can grab a till 50% discounts on your first food order. Moreover they are providing time to time discounts on foods. You have a only one drawbacks. Sometimes food quantities are very less. Please try to increase food quantity. Overall awesome experience! 

Kesari Kumari

Holachef was referred to me by my neighbor and I checked out the app, I was just amazed with the delicious food and dishes that were available on menu, especially the non-veg dishes which are available at pocket friendly prices. With fair good quantity and of course the amazing taste. Dishes prepared by the qualified chef and delivered right at your home is just an amazing concept.  So nowadays one of the few things I do everyday is to checkout the dishes that are available on Holachef’s app and just keep staring at the visuals of such tempting dishes. Few days before they also has the option to gift the meal to your friend at free of cost. Moreover you can get a free meal by brownie points which you can earn by referring your friend with your referral code.  Keep up the good work Holachef & thank you for the wonderful meal experience!

Mohd Alwaz Khan

I am writing to you to say thanks for organizing such a wonderful food for us. It was a great evening with fascinating arrangements which is still alive in my mind. Here I want to mention some key services you provided us to make this event memorable. First of all, I would like to mention that the packing was so beautiful that it astonished my family and friends. Secondly I want to comment about foods and other services. The Biryani you provided us was so tasty that it really impressed me and my friends. I and all companions really were impressed to see these unique types of food items that you serve us. Thank you so much hola chef N keep delivering tastier food forever!
Love you hola chef???

Varun Khanna

“Holachef” oh my god. Why your food is so delicious. What do you mix ? Is it the ingredients that makes the food tastier or is it your love to serve. I will be getting addicted to Holachef food. When I need to order food the only name that comes in mind is Holachef. First thing chalo holachef main dekhte hain aaj kya special hai. Your food is delicious and has finger-licking taste. Bas holachef ke alawa ab kahin se khana nahi mangana hai. Lunch  Holachef, dinner holachef. You come up with so many schemes that we can gift a meal to our friends and relatives also. Truly Holachef you are doing a commendable job for foodies like me.

Rohit Sharma

A very big thank you to Holachef for providing delicious and mouthwatering food at doorstep. I stay in a different city and away from my family, I used to miss home made food and had to rely on restaurants and hotels to fill up my stomach. But now no more, Holachef I know you are there so I don’t need to think about ordering unhealthy food from outside. Your food makes me nostalgic. Your foods are so tempting, I can’t resist myself from ordering. You have become my second home after my family. I love your authentic dishes section where sometimes I get food from my region. I just love Holachef.

Vishnu Gupta

Despite Holachef being a new kid on the block in ever growing food industry, it stands differentiated with daily changing menu of well curated food prepared by expert chefs. Covers hunger pangs right from breakfast to dinner with yummy offerings and varieties. It’s a boon for working professionals/bachelors like me. Well i have ordered a couple of times for my friends and loved the food and service. Will definitely recommend to others too. Wish they bring back the BOGO free a month offer back for new users so that they get hooked to Holachef for life. One recommendation if possible do also inlcude some payment option accepting meal vouchers like sodexo etc. And keep up the good work.

Kshitij Ingle

I absolutely love Holachef for the various cuisines on offer. Every meal is one I really look forward to. Delivery has always been within the time slot. Don’t know how I’d manage unplanned meals without Holachef! 


Niharika Mishra

Love you.. !! Your Achari paneer, chicken , mutton are so good that all other food is ruined for me. I am addicted to HOLA. Every experience here tops the previous one, and as tasty and delicious as it all is, I am never satisfied.  You are my ultimate saviour and I always want more, just 4 ounces more.. ! Living in a distant city without family, you make food available every time. I LIVE FOR YOUR FOOD AND I’D DIE FOR YOUR FOOD. AND SO, I LEAVE YOU WITH THIS: I LOVE YOU, we have entered into a strong bond 🙂

Ishan Choudhary

Holachef has become a regular part of my life. Whenever I have a craving, be it dinner or lunch, or snacks of any kind, I can count on the fact that Holachef will have just what I need. I don’t need to turn to any other platform for my cravings and rest assured that Holachef will have a solution for my hunger pangs. The taste and freshness of the menu is what draws me here everyday and the variety of food always keeps me on my toes. It has become a ritual for me to go through their menu everyday as I ride the train and imagine the moment when a parcel with hot, freshly prepared food arrives! Weekends are especially the time when the whole family sits down and goes through the Holachef menu so that we can give our mother a break and enjoy a different range of meals as a family together. Thank you Holachef for making my life less complicated!!

Jeetu Chawda

Whenever I see menu on your app I go crazy. What to order and what not too – all dishes are so superb – to look at and to eat! I ordered 2 times and each time I was happy with my food. Keep up this work of delivering yummy dishes to foodies like me.

Rohit Kumar Sharma

“Holachef “ the first thing that strikes my brain once I step in office. Aaj holachef se kya mangana hai. Holachef has just solved my problem of ordering food from outside. It’s been more than 15 days I have never ever ordered food from outside except Holachef. You get homemade food that is healthy and served with love. Holachef’s friendship day offer was awesome. It brought smiles on many of my friends face whom I gifted meal on friendships day. When you care for each other, the bond gets stronger and that is what Holachef is doing. Holachef you are doing an amazing work, please keep it up.

Sutikshya Mallick

I have made a lot of mistakes and regretted most of them, but never the grilled chicken that went with them. Hola! You are my ultimate savior. Living in a distant land without family, you provide me with scrumptious meal at 12 PM.  I guess we have entered into a foodie bond, since I joined Times Television Network on November 2. Keep Serving us Tempting Foods!

Saurabh Singhal

It has been a superb experience ordering food from Holachef. Food was very excellent in taste as well as packing was also good. Holachef offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Last time I ordered fruit rasmalai – it was very awesome and I had never experienced this mouthwatering taste. I had also orderd chicken patiala and prathas, it was also very tasty. I had also referred Holachef app to some of my friends. My friends were also praising its rich taste. Now Holachef has become very famous in my office group. I and my friends will surely continue to order from this app in future and will enjoy its good taste.

Abhi Chauhan

I ordered Paneer Butter Masala and Corn Capsicum Subzi with Parathas for my friend who came all the way from Hyderabad. After a long discussion we ordered this combo meal.Parathas were fresh and soft. Six parathas were enough to fill the tummy. The Corn Capsicum Subzi was juicy and so flavorful. Paneer was delighting the taste buds. Spices were in perfect ratio. Although the fodd was a bit cold but still was giving very nice taste. Overall it was a decent dinner package within budget. Packaging was very nicely done and the delivery was also on time. Although holachef should start the option of A-LA-CARTE as well.
Going to order again..Yo Hola!

Pranav Narang

I love Holachef as it has always made me feel delighted and happy with its delicious food. Holachef always brings foods from all over the country. An innovative concept of ordering foods while in office was greatly appreciated. The range of foods offered is diverse and it makes me feel good that I can choose over a vast range of food items for a given chef at any given time of the day. The all-day menus, specific menus for desserts and Flavours makes me become a huge fan of Holachef and to order the food over and again. My best wishes to one of the finest and most assorted online food ordering in Mumbai. Keep up your work and wishing you all the best. I always and would continue to refer my friends for Holachef in making Holachef even bigger and popular.


Pradeep Gupta

I want to tell you since the time your service has started I don’t feel like cooking at home. Your order process is a simple and user-friendly.  I Just need to key in my city (Mumbai / Pune) and pincode and your website and app give me a variety of foods cooked by top chefs in your kitchens. What’s more, I can see important information about food like ingredients by clicking on food thumbnails – like rating, delivery time, The features I liked the most is we can see the menu of next day and can place an advance order.

From the home page itself, anyone can know that this website is user-friendly. Simple and clear, even a first time user can order food online easily here. I like the filter option on your homepage by using this option i can easily sort the items by veg and nonveg, cuisines and type of meals. At last I just want to say you have a potential to became a king of food ordering service. Thank you for your service and keep it up.

Arvind Gupta

I have been ordering food from Holachef since the start and you have been doing an awesome job since all these times. You are delivering the food on right time and more over the type of discounts you have offer —  I am not able to see those kind of discounts anywhere .

Your android app is the most convenient app to order food online. I want to mention one of my terrific experiences here. Few days ago, after the overtime in office, my friend (who is a bachelor) had no time for cooking and nearby restaurants were closed. He casually shared this problem with me. I immediately gifted him a meal Aloo Parathas with Pickle and Curd through Holachef’s Gift a Meal option (By using Gift coupon). He very much like the food. (I think the chef was Sonica Khanna). Next day, he asked me how much money he needed to pay me for the meal. I told him I ordered this meal totally free for him. His response was “How the hell on earth is this possible.”. I told him about Holachef. He saw the app and was amazed just like me because of so many varieties of food available at one place. Since then he has been regularly ordering food from your website.

I like to use wallets like paytm, mobikwik and payumoney for payment option. Moreover you have an option to earn Brownie Points through referral program. Thank you for your awesome service. Keep it up!

Parth Bhambhani

Holachef is not a restaurant , it’s a service that gets you tasty, chef curated, hygienic food to your doorstep. Unlike other services, with Holachef you are assured that they will keep to the high levels of quality consistently because they cook the food you get! I have been using them for over a year and have never been disappointed. The menu keeps changing and so you will get something new every time you check. Keep checking them out for some really good deals and some very very yummy food. While I am quite okay buying other stuff online but still not really into ordering food online. Heard about Holachef and installed the app to try out. Well the app is quite good and convenient for browsing the food options and placing an order. There are decent options available to choose from the list for a veg meal. Though these mostly are combo or set meal options to chose from. Coming to service, well it was quite quick and the food was delivered nicely packed and piping hot.

Bhavik Parmar

I ordered pasta in mushroom sauce with garlic bread. This was first time I m saying I really loved this dish. It was full of yumminess. All flavors of mushroom sauce were a delight for me. My baby loves pasta but it was something new for her to have mushroom sauce in pasta. After eating one bite we didn’t get any bite of pasta (because she ate the rest!)  Haha! My only one sincere request is that quantity is very less; please send more quantity; thank you!



Vijay Saraf

I have fallen in love with Holachef! Ss the famous saying goes “Dil ka rasta Pet se hoker jata hai”.  Holachef has proven itself as a better alternate to the same boring home food in home style but reasonable, yummy n professional way. Keep adding new dishes avoid regular repeats. Long live and flourish Hola is what I say Dil Se.
I have gifted Holachef meals to many friends and have received appreciation.

Tushar Garg

I really a big fan of Chef Sonica Khanna – and the reason behind it which I really want to mention is as I am pretty new in Mumbai and just in the first two months here I had a really bad experience with food. Mumbai food cannot be compared to the food in North India, from where I belong.  But when I came to know about Holachef I thought I would be the same but what I felt (after eating their food) is far-far ahead ..  it’s something which reminds me of my home made food like the way my family used to cook and almost filled the void of my homely-taste! It also offers some advantages like the quality,  freshness of food and last but not the least the delivery time! I never experienced a situation when you delivered my OMG-food late…. Thanks my Hola for keeping me fit… I believe you will  create a benchmark in this segment.

Priyanka Jam

I got introduced to you by a friend. He used to call you often and knew that I would hit it off with you immediately. And was he right. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but the moment I tasted the whole wheat muffin or that yummy chicken, every part of me happy; heart to stomach! Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. People in office open up online shopping portals and then there is me, looking at the ever changing menu of the day. *sigh* Such is love! 
And the little random gifts you give, those lil chai glasses…things like those keep me smiling even after I am full and happy. Away from home, you give me the comfort of home food, be it just Kofta curry or Dahi kadi. 
You are the perfect love, you make up for my weaknesses. It has been years and I still cant make chapattis. I knew it was love when in between conversations, I would randomly talk about you – parents, colleagues, friends, I spared no one. Knowing you and loving you has been the best thing that has happened to me in my recent ‘kitchen’ time.
Love you loads.

Vijay Dudeja

I have been ordering food from Holachef since a month; the food is awesome and always  fresh! I especially love the desserts which are very exciting. I am a vegetarian and very happy with their menus!

Ankit Agarwal

I had recently moved to Mumbai and was looking for a good tiffin service. Even after searching for the same for 1 month, I wasn’t able to get a good quality food.I would like to thank Holachef for providing good quality food at a very affordable price. The food gives a very homely feeling. Moreover, the variety in food never allows you to get bored with the menu. I would particularly recommend to try the some of the items dessert menu. The UI is easy to navigate and till date I haven’t contacted the customer service for any issues. I send my heartfelt thanks to Holachef team.

Aravind K

Holachef is a very refreshing experience. This saves me from the bad food with extra salts and masala which the normal restaurants serve as tasty food. Of course , the extra masala can make every food tasty. But the chefs in Hola can cook really good food that is low in oil and without bad ingredients. The rates are very affordable. The best part is that we need not select the curry and main dish separately. The packing and delivery guys are just amazing. The usage of paper covers is wonderful. The option to rate the food is great. The surprise gift like the packet of toffees from 90s , the couple of cutting chai glasses for friends day, the buy one get one offers on some weekends, the 30% discount for corporates are just some of the offers that make this site attractive.


Kanika Shukla

I’d like to thank the delivery person for the prompt delivery. Unfortunately, the elevator in our apartment wasn’t plying due to which he climbed 19 floors in order to have the food delivered in a timely fashion. Job well done! Thank you so much. I would have mentioned the person’s name, however it slipped my mind to ask him. Thank you Holachef and most importantly the delivery man (thanks a ton Sir)!

Bhumika Thakkar

Pranav Thakur

Mudita Sonar

I don’t know how to thank the delivery person. Two restaurants refused to take my order because of the rains. I express the deepest gratitude to the Holachef team for serving their customers despite the weather. Thank you!!


Hi. I just had my order delivered from Holachef. The delivery guy, Paras Dulera, made it a point to complete the delivery well before time and was also most courteous. I appreciate his effort to keep me from being hungry and I’m grateful for the prompt service. Thanks a lot!

Soorej Rajagopal

I ordered around 10:15 pm and did my payment through PayU money. PayU f*ckd it up and my payment didn’t went through to Holachef. But the money was deducted from the account. I called up the customer care around 11:35pm. Unlike other customer care who would say sorry we can’t help because it’s past 11:40pm, this person really helped me out and made it sure that food reached. Really good service.

R. M.

Hi. I wanted to thank the rep who called to inform me about the change in my order. I had called a week before and complained about my order being changed without being informed and the rep I spoke to then assured me it will not happen again and said she would make sure I get notified if it did. I didn’t get her name and I couldn’t thank her ’cause I’m at work but let her know I appreciate her help. From a lot of reps I’ve spoken to she has been the nicest and most helpful so far and an asset to your company 🙂

Kashyap Deorah

I have had Holachef food several times and loved it. My family in Mumbai orders it often, and I can’t wait for you to launch in Delhi at some point so I can enjoy it more frequently as well.

Rishi Raj Kanoria

Holachef is my go-to place when I am looking for comfort food. Most of the times the food has exceeded my expectations.

Anuj Rakyan

I love the fact that Holachef has diversity in the cuisines it has to offer. There are so many options to choose from. It’s the only portal online that has a separate set of meals catering to our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack-time needs.

Rishi Gupta

I have tried Holachef and it’s awesome. I have ordered lassi and pastry and both were great. One of my friends suggested that I should use Holachef. The quantity they give is good. Prices are bit high but it’s alright because the food is tasty and of high quality.


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A Week Of Eating Holachef In Mumbai

In the middle of the summer heat, a majority of Mumbai found themselves praying for the monsoons. However, now that the rains have finally descended, we find ourselves remembering the disadvantages of the Mumbai monsoon. Stepping out, for instance, becomes a battle with unruly umbrellas, dirty puddle filled potholes and a higher chance of falling ill. In the midst of the monsoons, no one really feels like wading outside to dine. At the same time, ordering in gets monotonous; so what’s a hungry Mumbaikar to do?

Here’s a one word answer; Holachef.


Holachef is a cloud based food service, which collaborates with a team of professional and amateur chefs to create daily menus. Customers can scroll through these menus and place orders for the dishes that catch their attention in their desired time slot.

Describing the service on its website, Holachef says “Holachef is an extension of one’s personal kitchen. It serves home-quality food with daily new menus of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner; along with packaged edibles under the Flavours section. Holachef is a perfect blend of freshest ingredients, authentic recipes, wide variety of cuisines and the expertise of select chefs. Simple everyday meals to exotic indulgence – find them all at Holachef.”

Holachef, therefore, saves you the bother of wading out to buy groceries and cleaning up your kitchen when you’re craving the taste of home cooked food.


While you can read more about Holachef’s workings in an interview with its founder here, we’re getting down to a more pertaining question: what does the food taste like? Over the past few days, we’ve been on a little bit of a Holachef trip – we’ve been ordering meals from them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and had a bite of their Flavours menu as well. Here’s a taste of our experience.


The Holachef breakfast menu operates from 9 am to 11 am each day and is divided into light meals, which include dishes like bisi bele bhath and pindi chana with pooris, filling meals, which include heavier dishes like elbow pasta florentine pie, desserts which feature items like a whole wheat orange and dark chocolate muffin, beverages like masala buttermilk and munchies.

We were planning to be on-the-go the morning we placed our order and so decided to order a Nutty Apricot Mojo Bar, a Glow juice from Raw Pressery and a strawberry greek yogurt from Epigamia.

The Mojo Bar was packed raisins, apricots, black currants and a collection of nuts making a delicious combination. The yogurt was smooth and sang of an indulgent strawberry flavour, while the Glow Juice – a combination of cucumber, coconut water, pineapple, lemon grass, aloe vera and lemon – was tongue tingling refreshing.

All in all? An incredibly healthy, well balanced meal, both in terms of texture in taste that could be easily had on the go and be ordered from the same platform, making things just that much easier.


Like with the breakfast menu, Holachef’s lunch menu has both light and filling meal options along with a selection of pizzas, desserts and beverages. We called for a Mexican Chicken Chunks salad one day, a Turkish Baked Lamb and Eggplant the next and a plate of Mughlai Chicken Pualo on the third day. Yes, we do like our non-veg.

Or favourite by far was the Turkish Baked Lamb and Eggplant, cooked by Chef Nishant Pawar. Served with a side of pita bread, the lamb was flavoured with a rich sauce and was incredibly tender as were the accompanying slices of soft eggplants. Had with the pita bread, this was a filling, delicious meal.

The Mughlai Chicken Pulao, prepared by Chef Ravi Saha was subtly spiced and had a generous amount of moist chicken. Meanwhile the Mexican Chicken Chunks salad would be a perfect cold, light meal – small chunks of chicken are combined with green and red peppers, beans and corn to make for a variety of textures in each bite.


We got a little heavier (both figuratively and literally) with dinner, calling for Wok Tossed Hakka Noodles on one day, Rajwadi Murgh Korma with Chapatis on another and Grilled Chicken Drumsticks with Mexican Rice on the third.

The Wok Tossed Hakka Noodles combined a stir fry of vegetables, including capsicum and spring onions with soft noodles. Accompanied by vegetables in Sapo sauce – a rich, savoury Asian sauce, the dish went a long way in satisfying our Chinese cravings that week.

The Rajwadi Murgh Korma featured chicken headily flavoured with ghee, ginger and onions making for a royally rich dish. The dish was accompanied by a serving of Chicken tikka, which, with a spicy, smooth masala marination and tender chicken grabbed our taste buds’ hearts.

Our favourite dinner was the Grilled Chicken Drumsticks, prepared by Chef Nishant Pawar.

The chicken drumsticks were flavoured with a unique, interesting collection of spices, as was the Mexican rice. Paired with the Coriander Mole spice, the dish was further elevated into an exciting meal that we definitely look forward to ordering again.

Indeed, part of the charm of Holachef is that you can order from it every day; it retains a collection of favourites while regularly introducing new dishes of the menu to prevent ennui from setting in. This monsoon, Holachef is the perfect way to get your fill of homemade food, with absolutely no effort on your part. Head here to give it a try!


Pradeep Kumar

At this time you can find so many food ordering app on web and playstore but Holachef is unique in all of them. Why? because in Holachef you do not need to depend on any restaurants and their silly excuses like delivery boy is not available at this time, food is not available or the restaurant is closed and blah, blah…. Holachef have a own service and menu so you do not to worry about it. Just enter your pincode and it bring out the all menu available on your location. Everyday they have a different menu and sometimes they have according to the festive season. If we talk about food quality you can’t get taste and quality of food anywhere. Moreover You can also order the foods by using the rating service. Sometimes they provide a big discount too.I am fully satisfied with the service of holachef. Holachef you  are a winner. Well done!

Jasmine L

Heard about Holachef from a friend. Brilliant concept, more people need to know about it. Love all the variety and cuisines. Very reasonably priced too. Profiles of chefs are very impressive. Customer care is really helpful too. A minor gripe, delivery is always towards the end of the slot. Else, good food, great prices.

Prathmesh Vijaykumar Patil

I want to thank you Holachef for providing great quality with yummy taste in food! The website is very easy to use as compared to those of other food delivery services. I’m 100% sure that no one will beat you in terms of quality, hygiene, food and quick service, and lastly I would like to say that I always refer Hola to my friends and everyone who is hungry for a great taste.

Sunil Jadhav

I am a Holachef user. I have tried your awesome dishes. That chicken curry with garlic kulcha was awesome one. Desserts were also great. Overall the quality of food is good.

Deepak Ananth

Fresh, Fast, Tasty and Hygienic food.  When all these are offered at one place, you know you have a winner! Holachef! Hooked me on to their unique menu and taste the moment I ordered from them. This love affair with their food will continue for a long time to come.

Amrita RC

Me and my husband are huge fans of Holachef. We love the spread on offer and have always been impressed by the packaging and on time delivery. Keep up the good work and provide us with more delectable options to choose from!! 🙂 🙂


Ankit jain

It’s been a year since I first tasted Holachef. A necessity soon turned into an obsession with lip smacking food and elaborate plus diversified menu, the best part being able to order for one. It’s been quite a journey with Holachef and I must say they have been successful at most of the occasions to impress. Holachef has become an important part of my daily routine since then, would love to see it grows and be able to serve me even better and gourmet food time and time again.

Gaurav Agarwal

Holachef has been a platform to let the inner desire for lucious food, meet the actuality and reality. Holachef personifies the urge for delicious food by actually delivering it on a time, rather before the scheduled time that they actually offer. I pray that Holachef services are increased and offered on Pan India level, so that taste meets the tongue, throughout India in all the cities. My friends have been utilizing the services of Holachef and believe me, they are more than satisfied with the service and the timeliness. The offers run by Holachef are unique and indulging. I wish, I could personally meet and thank Holachef people for devising such a wonderful and useful platform.

George S

I love desserts a lot and i thought to try some of them on Holachef, it did not disappoint me at all. Instead i loved it. The desserts are great and something one can’t get locally. Holachef is a great hangout for someone who loves food. I am a foodie and i really love Holachef which makes food an amazing experience. The chefs are great, they make food which tastes good, they invent flavors worth craving for. I admire their work and i love how this cloud restaurant gives seamless service. The idea is great and unique in its own way and i am sure it will find huge success in the near future.

The thing i love about holachef is they give so many food choices everyday which anyone can fit in, with wide variety of cuisines from all over the world. Offers are great too. Getting recommendation from customers is a good idea too. I wish all the best wishes to this startup and thanks for creating our food experience and taking it on a new level. Keeping on doing the great work and earning our love. I Love you Holachef and i look forward to eating more. 

Minita Bathija

The day I first ordered from Holachef I fell in love with it. The food and service are great. I wish i could get all the food in the world i crave for and that’s what Holachef is for. Food is the love of my life, and that comes from Holachef which is different from everyday food that we usually eat. The food is great and delicious. The more i eat, the more i want. The cuisines are many to choose from which makes it a unique website, the idea of this food on the go is very unique. The best chefs across the town earned our love. There are no limitations on variety offered, so many dishes to choose from, which makes us want to try everything we want. A new concept and variety of cuisines is a gift for this town. I wish your journey continues ahead with lots of success and luck and love from the customers. Thank you for such a lovely experience on food and make such amazing dishes in future as well and make us happy.

Divyanshu Narang

I love Holachef as it has always made me feel happy and complete with its delicious food. Holachef always brings innovative ways in its recipes and combos. The range of foods offered is diverse and it makes me feel good that I can choose over a vast range of food items for a given chef. Great offers, affordable prices and a complete meal with the most appropriate combination of spices makes me become a huge fan of Holachef and to order the food over and again. A big congratulations to one of the finest and most assorted online food ordering in Mumbai. Keep up your work and wishing all the best.


Ramprakash Dudani

Well, I mostly use Holachef app on my android mobile (this app was refereed by one of the friend). First order was delivered with discount!

Great functionality and amazing experience. Very well designed app; easy to navigate and choose. Nice variety of combos available, moved way ahead of the traditional offerings. Great packaging and complete value for money. Highly recommended. Thumbs up, I am very happy with the entire experience (every time)! Using Holachef app is like I am downloading food from my phone.. Coming through the door though..:)

Amazing Experience Quick and hot food, delivered with professionalism. Holachef is even covering my area for home delivery which is not covered by other online sites. On top of this you get many offers, like BOGO & Brownie Points on current order for future orderind. You may buy Brownie Points at a discounted price and can use for ordering food!

Palak Agrawal

I totally love you guys! Everything right from the way Holachef app looks, to how user friendly it is and the best of the food which is available every single day. All the amazing dishes that you have from various cuisines are totally lip-smacking and super yummy, not to forget the mind blowing desserts which are there, I think most of them are in my favourites list. I literally have to stop myself from ordering multiple desserts at once! And not just the desserts but the snacks, dips, drinks, thus list can just go on and on! I don’t think there is anything on your menu that I haven’t ordered and all the people who I have recommended to order from you guys also have the same feedback. Totally love your service, I don’t think there has ever been a time when my order came late or it wasn’t good. Everything about Holachef team is perfect! Keep up the good work guys I am a big fan!

Saif Khomosi

I’m so grateful to Holachef for its service; I was introduced to it by my girlfriend in college when I was in Pune. It helped us out a lot substituting our awful mess food at standard rates and served as a healthy replacement too. I cant stop using this even after moving to Mumbai; especially with the buy 1 get 1 scheme that they have! Thank you so much for the delish choices every day 🙂

Kavya Shree

For someone away from home, in a cold land of mess food and over spiced restaurant ‘delicacies’; Holachef turned out to be my saviour. I remember becoming emotional when the food arrived in the initial days. Even now, the order from Holachef feels like a gift box waiting to be unwrapped. I have actually tried out a lot of dishes mentioned on the menu! Holachef offers sumptuous meals at such affordable prices that a college-goer like me doesn’t bat an eyelid and so exotic that I can actually make my family back home jealous of my meals-a very commendable feat, I assure you.

Manisha Bathija

To my lovely Holachef Team,

I am glad to write you this beautiful love letter that i have never written in my life, thanks for this wonderful opportunity to make my dream of writing a love letter come true.

Your aroma fills my senses,
I crave for you , just by your thought,
The more i see you, i more can’t resist,
my mouth becomes an ocean of water until i taste you,
You are an art, you are a chef’s creation,
you look so irresistible, luscious that how can one hold back?
Lucky are those who can hold you and enjoy your every bite,
You are in our hearts but our stomach wants you,
Your presence brings happiness,
The times you are away my stomach hurts,
I wish i could see you everyday,
You are the love of my life,
How can i live without you?
I wish you are everywhere around me,
Please fill my life with your love,
That’s how much i love Holachef.
Thanks for the good food and fantastic service around the town, we are lucky to have you. Keep on serving us fantastic food. I will continue enjoying your food and looking forward to more different dishes.

Aakash Gupta

I have  tried Holachef and its awesome. I did not know of Holachef app but once my friend told me that it’s good and I must try it. The quality of food is brilliant and quantity is also good. But the prices are bit high but that’s not a problem because they deliver quality food!

Mitali Chatterjee

On awesome rainy days like this in Mumbai, all my heart craves for is Ma’s home made Gobi ka Paratha, Suji ka halwa and mustard fish- rice combination along with a cup of garam chai! Unfortunately, I have not inherited my mother’s culinary genes and have to make do with the chai alone! From more than 2000 kilometres away, all Ma can do is painstakingly explain the recipes. I follow the recipes and yet come up with disastrous results. Then the hunt begins online for restaurants which serve food with less oil, more taste, less money but more health. Of course, I never ended up with that perfect combination. Until of course, I stumbled upon you- Hola!! Food with such great taste and so fresh that I felt it was parceled from home. It’s not food but love and warmth that you distribute to lakhs of home deprived people like me across this city. Instantly, you transform a rented flat into home! The ghar wala swaad, the Mummy wali packing, and ghee wala smell… Oh Boy! Don’t you dare stop delivering those smiles! 🙂

Lots of Baby love to the Hola team!!

Mudassar Hakim

The concept seemed a little new to me where its the chef instead of the restaurant. There has been a slight hiccup in service but was later on addressed in the best possible way. The first order I made was for Awadhi Murgh Korma by chef Nitin Ramteke and it was simply amazing. The chicken was tender and the gravy was consistent. The second order was for Mutton Keema with Pav & Kashmiri Paya by Chef Bhuvan Pujari and it was finger licking good, the paya was properly cooked and the kheema was quite ample. The third order was something new: Chicken Lasagna with Garlic Bread by Chef Sandeep Harmalkar, this was very different and tasty, everybody loved it at home.

Nitya Shah

Hi Holachef,

Just thought I’d write you a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed eating you. I can’t recall when I had a more pleasant time. Everything felt so natural, and you were very easy to talk to. It’s hard for me to identify what it is about you that attracts me so. I suppose it might be the combination of your great chefs’ recipe, your flavor and your good-looks.  I really hope that our first was not our last because I felt very special when I was with you. I truly want to give our friendship a chance to grow. Well, I guess I’ve said enough for the time being. Have a wonderful day and, hopefully, I’ll see you again real soon.

With love,

Mayur Asrani

Dear Holachef,

As the tagline says ‘worth craving for’ I must say this is the kind of food I craved the most for in a city like Bombay. The wide range of food including almost all the international cuisines and Indian food which will remind you of a meal cooked at home. Whenever I order from Holachef I get great deals as well as discounts which serves me as the cherry on the cake. The food is always delivered on time and is delicious with high quality which can never be heavy on one’s pocket. I am very much thankful to you and have fallen in love for the meal which is ‘worth craving for’.<3

Simran Preet Arora

I live in a hostel which doesn’t serve the greatest food in the world. So obviously, I don’t enjoy it. Most of the time, I skip the boring hostel food and order for meals from HolaChef. HolaChef is equivalent to “ghar ka khaana”. It reminds me of the meals my mother cooks for me every time I visit home. There’s nothing better than anything that makes you feel at home. And unlike my hostel that has been following the same menu FOREVER, HolaChef gives me new dishes every day, so how can I not love you guys? You guys are the best!

Suraj Wadhwani

Namaste Hola,

Well my journey with HOLA started a year back where I had just joined my first job. I never like monotonous food taste, that’s why I never took a tiffin to college which was easy because my college being in Bandra has lots of options around! You name what you want to eat and boom it’s there.
Then I started going to my office in Lower Parel where the canteen food sucked, roadside food was pathetic and other options were becoming boring. Now comes Holachef where you have new menu everyday and really affordable price. This kept me going and 3 months back I started my own company and yes not to mention all of us in my office still continue to order from Holachef whenever our moms are in bad mood 😛 Yes, at times they are.
You guys are doing some really good stuff, Keep Going Keep Rocking.

Sourabh Chowdhury

Both me and my wife have been a fan of Hola for over a year now. There are quite a few things we like about your service – quality of food, prompt delivery, pricing and of course the packaging. One suggestion which could help you even further would be to include an ala carte menu (not entire meals) and seasonal/occasional menu (like Haleem during Ramzan now).

Keep up the good work and we will keep ordering more!

Sreejith JR

For me the words “worth craving for” sums up my relationship with Holachef in the best possible manner imaginable.  I started ordering from Holachef last September and have been a regular ever since. Not a month has gone by in which I haven’t ordered! As a bachelor staying alone in Mumbai away from home, Holachef (or Hola as I fondly call Holachef) is the first thing that comes to mind when I get bored of the bland fare served up in my office canteen or the tasteless and possibly hazardous concoctions prepared by me.

Even though they are entirely different Hola reminds me of my mother’s cooking a lot and there can’t be a greater love towards any food than that. It may be because deep inside my mind I trust only two sources of food to be cooked for “me” as the first priority rather than for maximizing the profit margins.

Hola has spoiled dining out for me! It’s been months since I have gone out to a decent restaurant. The thought doesn’t even cross my mind these days. The first things that pops up in mind when I start craving for tasty delicacies is Hola. Why go to a restaurant and spend 300-400 bucks when you can have tastier and healthier stuff delivered to your rooms for less. 

The other thing that is so pleasing about Hola is the variety of mouth watering dishes available — it takes hours to decide which one to chose every single serving is so damn attractive. Hope Holachef continues to serve and solve those hunger pangs of others like me for a long time to come.

Rahat Jain

For people constantly on the move, Holachef comes as an incredible respite. I’ve been shuttling between several houses for the last few months, trying to gain a foothold in a new city and where my next meal will come from is always a big question mark in my day.

There are of course several options nowadays, with multiple apps a few clicks away from getting hot food delivered to your home. The number of options though, are thoroughly confusing. Minute differences between ratings, big differences in prices do narrow down options but Holachef remains a brilliant one stop shop for different cuisines at an affordable price range. My love for Holachef has increased multi-fold in the last month, and while I hope I can begin to get my own kitchen sorted I promise to remain loyal to them whenever I eat out!

Puneet Mahajan

For Holachef, I don’t have many words to describe its full utility.  As I am a diet freak & quality conscious, Holachef provides perfect on-the-go home food suitable for me! It sometimes remind me of home-made food cooked by my mother.  You daily get different variety of foods Indian, Chinese, Italian or health food like salad, etc. Since there’s so much variety, you will never get over it!

Plus, it is convenient to order and extremely pocket friendly because of its offers and coupons which run on a regular basis. It delivers what you want! But for me, the most important is food quality, quantity and price which Holachef fully satisfies. According to me, Holachef (delivery boys, chefs, app developers and entire team) is wholesome and awesome! 

Jasmine L

I got to know about Holachef through a friend of mine who happens to be a chef himself. Great idea, good, hygienic home made food. I have been enjoying different cuisines everyday at unbelievable prices. Chefs are professional and food comes to your doorstep. What else could you ask for?


Nidhi Mehra

My dear Holachef,

I am a big admirer of your food and in love with the plethora of flavors I get every day to entice by taste buds.
I am a married working woman, who loves to cook and eat food worth craving for. Though with my busy schedule I do not get a chance to cook the kind of food I like every day. Your daily menu gives me an opportunity to get those flavors added to my daily life at reasonable prices.
Ever since I laid my eyes on your site and had our first meal together, I have always gone gaga about your presence in my life. Every meal spent with you is worth it, apart from occasional mishaps 😉  I am in love with you and will wish the whole world does too… I, for one, know that I made many more fall in love with you and hope others do the same…
With love!

Deepa Khatri

I was very apprehensive about calling for food prepared by some chef I don’t know. Also the hygiene and food quality was a question mark. But I tried using the Holachef app and was amazed that inspite of heavy rains my food was delivered on time and the pasta and lasagne were mouth watering. The different cuisines they offer is great .. from pizza to gatte ke sabzi

I was super impressed with the packing … international level with tissue and cutlery. .It felt like woowwww.

Also to mention the app is superb .. very interesting and the Brownie Point credit system is a unique way to incentivise regular users.

Looking forward to ordering more food.

Abhishek Haridasan

How long has it been for me, since I had a plateful of food, curated to an extent that it tingles my taste buds? Thanks to HolaChef and its team of gastronomy experts, I seem to be fulfilling my cravings on a regular basis.

How would I related my experience at HolaChef with my daily life? I look at it as a perfect blend of my midnight oil burning job and the love for something new on my plate.

The service is extremely prompt and the dishes give you their money’s worth. I like the continental fare, that’s always on display, though I do feel, their frequency must be increased. Though, I’d love to call myself a ‘daal-roti’ loving person, yet, somehow the noodles, lasagna, club sandwiches, Nasi Goreng, spaghetti bolognese, chicken lollipops and the falafel rolls always make me yearn for more!

Salute to the team at HolaChef that turns dreams of good food into reality constantly. Churning out delights all the time is no mean task and here’s wishing them the very best going ahead!

Good food, great taste, order upon order!

Mrugesh Samel

Very good! Ordered twice since they launched in Navi Mumbai. If those both orders are anything to go by, quite a few hotels have tough times ahead. What good food and seamless delivery experience!!!! Keep it up and you got a winner.


A nice value for money option that fully lives up to its claim of delivering variety of good quality, home cooked, tasty, healthy meals. If you are tired of eating food that makes your stomach bloat and gives you that heavy feeling then you are bound to fall in love with Holachef’s food. I will surely be placing my next order very soon.

Read complete review here: Foodiemonk

Vikram Karlo

Dear Chefsss from HOLA,

Where can I start from?

The very sight of you makes my mouth water. Your body from breakfast to dessert  takes my mind out of the mundane. Every time, I get hooked. Your crushed chocolate powder waiting for my tongue and teeth to lick, lick, lick you! The cheese in the mushrooms- that amazing deep flavor that shuts down any thoughts I have.  I just feel like licking at this point. All over you. The entire circumference of your glass will be licked bald when I am done. Nothing left, I swear.

And then, then-

That drink. That first sip. The smooth chocolaty flavor- the butterscotchy scent- oh with hints of vanilla and Baileys. God knows what’s in you.I don’t care. It all goes down smoothly. I barely swallow.


I’m gone baby. Just gone. I can’t believe what you do to me. The person sitting across from me sees my pleasure. He smiles.

He knows.

I just had one.

Saurabh Madan

Great food. To all the outstation students,  to all the working people,  and to everyone who stays far from their home, Holachef provides excellent dishes at really minimal costs.  Quality of the food is great.  Their packing is superb and hygienic and the best part is unlike other food startups like faasos and foodpanda,  they are not a mediator between their customer and the restaurant. Rather they have the best chef for the selected dish.  Hope you guys reach stars.  I am already impressed by your service.

Shravan Narula

Thank you so much for delivering my order on time . even though it was raining cats and dogs no other delivery company has ever managed to do it …

I’ve been ordering every day for the last 2 years …and it the first time in such heavy rain I’ve received my order on time ..It  would be great if you could do something for the delivery guy who was completely drenched still had a smile to give my order …thank you for the amazing service!


Jayashree Jakhade

What a way to start the morning dreaming of food and nothing else. In this fast moving world Holachef has made life stress free. Variety is the spice of life and yes Holachef follows to the core by this saying. Value for money , international cuisines to choose from, creations of masterchefs, and what more if nothings on the menu the option of also making a suggestion.

Holachef menus travel the whole world, catering to taste of the mouth-watering desi idli wadas chutney sambars, biryanis to the European pizza and pastas and not to forget the thirst quenchers. What an experience and at such an economical price.

And the time factor it is to the dot when you feel that your hunger pangs are at their peak. Such an amazing experience when you see the well-mannered delivery boy, bring along well packed, hygiene to the highest quality, and to make the feeling more colourful not to miss out on the Holachef conscious effort to use reusable eco-friendly colourful bags.

Living in Mumbai I used to feel guilty that I was enjoying the delicious sumptuous food by Holachef and my family in Pune could not share the experience, but it was as if god heard my prayers and voila!! there was Holachef in Pune too. Today at end of each day family discussions only centre on Holachef and food. It has become such an addiction that every day one meal needs to be ordered from Holachef otherwise one does not feel complete. Belonging to a Parsi family, and knowing their foodie craze, Holachef is the best option, chicken, egg, mutton it’s all there in all tastes, so if you can keep a Parsi happy there is nothing much that needs to be said about food.

I also appreciate the ratings and suggestions option, and believe that it is well studied as every day the food becomes tastier. It is very addictive especially with the vast options of buy1 get 1 free and at the end there is no compromise on the food quantity and quality that add to the value.

A few suggestions then please introduce Maharashtrian, coastal India, Gujarati, Kerala authentic dishes into the menu as it will cater to a wider community who can enjoy the taste of the Hola chefs. Grandmother recipes which today many crave for but no one has the time or creative instinct should be got on to the menu and see what a difference it will make. Have a suggestion option and take people’s views on their tastes.

Shabnam Minwalla, Outlook India Magazine

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Till not so long ago, ordering a meal was a take-what-you-get affair. A toss up between pizza, MSG-infused Chinese and dosa. Then along came technology, and businesses like Holachef and Biteclub, with their promises of fresh ghar ka khana made by talented chefs. Each website has a stable of chefs who are adept at certain kinds of cuisines. Everyday they draw up their menus, which are posted on the website. You choose your delivery timeslot and wait for the food to arrive. But does it actually work? That’s what we decided to find out. So after poring over the Holachef menu, we ordered a mix of dishes that emerged from six different kitchens. Considering the complicated order, the delivery was punct­ual. The packaging was professional. Our only quibble was with the quality of food, which varied depending on the chef.

The wows: The Pomegranate cooler (Rs 50) was fresh, zingy and an excellent way to battle the heat. Our Punjabi meal (Rs 220)—dry-mixed vegetable, Amritsari chhole, rice and chapatis—was as delicious and homey as it should be. Similarly, the roasted chicken, served with parsley rice, potato scallops and corn salad (Rs 350) was substantial and tasty. The Mac and Cheese (Rs 250) by the same chef was an enormous hit too. And the chicken breast stuffed with chicken mousse and served with sauteed vegetables (Rs 350) went down a treat.

The oks: The fattoush salad (Rs 150) was fresh and crunchy, but the dressing was flat. The rogan josh (Rs 300) was saturated with garam masala. As was the bhindi masala that came with the dal makhani, chapatis and jeera rice (Rs 220).

Even so, Holachef worked well for an affordable, nutritious meal. And if you become a regular and identify your favourite chefs and dishes, it will work even better.

Erika Fernandes

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you as you have given me the option to select my favorite food items. I have just started my journey with you as a partner and I’m glad to have you in my life. The moment I got to know about you, I was excited to see that you are such an understanding partner to offer me with a gift of buying 1 meal and getting 1 meal free and this date will be the most memorable one for me. I love Chinese, fast food like pizzas, frankie, brownies and the most favorite dish is aloo paratha which I get can get delivered to my door step. It’s a pleasure that you’ve come into my life as a new shade.

Vineet Rajan

We order food from outside a lot. But they all come with this guilt of eating unhealthy food. I’ve had the misfortune of even seeing some kitchens from inside. The kind of filth our food comes from; it’s a miracle we are still alive. With Holachef, the belief is that the food is coming from a professionally managed kitchens by expert chefs. This shows in the food quality and the hygiene.

While we used to order food regularly, off late the loyalty programs and even the corporate discount seem worth it and a step in the right direction. If they could replace the lunch boxes that a working professional carries every day to office I would think Holachef has hit a homerun.

Rejo Varghese

When hunger calls, there is usually nothing else that you can hear. Productivity is directly proportional to how well fed I am. On those days when momma’s food is outta reach, Holachef comes to the aid. Be it for a filling breakfast, or a satiating lunch, a quick munch or a light dinner, Holachef has it all! It has that same love which mom puts into each meal she prepares. And that is why I don’t feel like its dome restaurant food.

Most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it was our mom’s homemade lasagna or a memorable chocolate birthday cake, food has a way of transporting us back to the past. And Holachef does that to me often.  And maybe it’s coincidence but on my broke days, Holachef surprises me with some offer or the other. Making sure I never go hungry.  Telepathic love maybe? Hahaha. And it makes me feel like a globe trotting traveller. With so many global cuisines which are affordable to my wallet. It satisfies my urge to travel often. Without going anywhere. How can any startup be so thoughtful, I begin to ponder. And then it strikes, humanity is still in this world. There exists few loving beings behind this whole idea of Holachef. Gratitude then comes flowing.  Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity. My love for good food, gets me one more companion. And this one, I pray, will be around for good. Thanks Holachef!

Umesh Hange

Really awesome site for food lovers… Since the time I first got to know about Holachef, I became fan of it and I am in love with their food…variety and taste of food is awesome… Most importantly packing of the order is very attractive. And delivery too is very prompt…last but not least thanx for all the offers they give …really love it…three cheers and thank you! 

Anurag Rai

I have recently moved to Mumbai… In the first month I couldn’t find any restaurants that would serve healthy food and then thanks to a colleague who works in night shifts and orders regularly from Holachef,  I discovered an option for wholesome meals. Multitude of options in meals, good packaging and prompt delivery, I would recommend Holachef to everyone.

Arnab Mishra

Loved the concept of the app . Have tried it many times and actually i like the food and they taste very good . Delivery is always done on time and the customer service is also very quick . Sometimes the food arrives is cold but we can always reheat in a microwave oven! Providing food homestyle is a good idea and it gives a chance to eat home food while not being at home and also there is variety every day and the offers are also regular its very good app for food lovers craving for home food actually its worth craving for.

Archana Mehta

I have ordered from Holachef a couple times now. It was recommended to me by a foodie friend so naturally I had high expectations. And I must say Holachef has surpassed my expectations!!! The packaging is hygienic and eye pleasing. The food’s quality, quantity and taste quotient is super high. Although personally I feel the international dishes are way better than the Indian dishes. And the desserts are sooo well priced one cannot help but indulge!!!
I recommend Holachef to all those people who don’t have home cooked food arrangements. Holachef is a wonderful replacement that’s goes easy on your pocket. Cheers!! 🙂

Harit Batra

When you have multiple meal choices and that too across the cuisines, it definitely makes you a loyal customer to that restaurant. That’s exactly what Holachef means to me. There are so many things that make ordering on Holachef’s app an appetizing experience:

  • A faster checkout than freecharge..lolz
  • Chef’s photo and his expertise.
  • Ratings for every meal. Wooo, who gives that?
  • The comfort of delivery slots. The earliest one from t+15 minutes .Wow
  • The despatch confirmation mail..Yumm
  • Option to pay with Sodexo (tax benefits) + Brownie Points on top of that..
  • Delivery to any geographical point, provided your Pin code is in their list.
  • “I care about environment” checkbox.. An ego booster

No order cancellation on the app. Very smart that. Prevents an abuse that *** cabs face! haha!

Neha Mehta

Holachef is one of the best delivery system in mumbai. The delivery is quick and always on time. They have wide range of menu to choose from rajasthani dishes to western cuisines. One platform that combines all the cuisines together. You can get rajasthani famous food like dal bati, north indian like aloo parathas and paneer dishes, italian cuisine like pasta and spaghetti, chinese such as noodles, american dish like lasagnea and mumbai street food like sandwich, all on one platform. It also offers various kinds of desserts, ranging from indian sweets to cupcakes, tarts and brownies. If you have craving for indian sweets like imarti, barfi or pedas and desserts like red velvet cupcake, you can instantly order from holachef to satisfy your cravings.

They have different time slot for ordering so you can choose whichever time is convenient for you. Another best thing is they provide all the meals from breakfast, lunch, snacks to dinner. So whenever you are hungry, food is just one order away!

Say what you will but I’m in love with Holachef. From parathas to desserts, the food is just yummy and healthy. My favorite food from holachef is pasta, aloo parathas and coconut barfi. Whenever you are hungry just try once i bet you will be tempted to order again!


Utkarsh Jain

The food at Holachef app is worth craving for..All the dishes n desserts are so nice and tasty..I love having this food..The chefs are qualified and the food they make tastes awesome. It great to have dishes that have been prepared by them..The quality of the food is like home-made food which makes me order every Saturday and Sunday..Living in a hostel I can say that this is the best food a student can get..Thanks Hola team for such a tasty and hygienic to be a customer of Holachef.

Deepali Bansal

I can’t tell you how much I love Holachef you can see that through my orders! I always appreciate you guys.We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

Yash Sharma

I am a huge fan of Holachef. All my weekend food comes from Holachef. Not only me, my friends in college also love your food. As a matter of fact, there are at least 10 friends who have created their account and order every now and then. The best part has to be desserts. I don’t think I have eaten such delicious desserts any where else. Good job guys, keep up the good work you all deserve it.

Ravishankar Purne


I remember the day when
I ordered for the first time on Holachef.
I waited for the delivery with curiosity.
The food was finger-licking tasty.
I prefer Holachef over any other food delivery services.
I’m in love with you guyz…
Keep it up 😉

Dhruv Lather

Taste is not what you think. Every schoolchild learns that it is one of the five senses, a partner of smell and sight and touch, a consequence of food flitting over taste buds that send important signals—sweet or bitter, nutrient or poison?—to the brain. Were it so simple.

In the past decade our understanding of taste and flavor has exploded with revelations of the myriad and complex ways that food messes with our consciousness—and of all the ways that our biases filter the taste experience. Deliciousness is both ingrained and learned, both personal and universal. It is a product of all five senses (hearing included) interacting in unexpected ways, those sensory signals subject to gross revision by that clump of nerve tissue we call the brain.

Let’s start at the beginning: Food enters your mouth, meets your teeth and begins to be broken down by enzymes in your saliva. The morsel soon moves over your papillae, the few thousand bumps that line your tongue. Each papilla houses onionlike structures of 50 to 100 taste cells folded together like the petals of a young flower about to bloom—taste buds, we call them. These cells have chemical receptors attuned to the five basic tastes—bitter, sweet, sour, salt and umami, the last a word borrowed from Japanese that describes the savory flavors of roast meat or soy sauce.

These five tastes are enough to help determine if the thing we just put into our mouth should go any farther—if it’s sweet or savory and thus a probable source of nutrients or if it’s bitter and potentially poisonous. Yet they can’t get close to communicating the complexity of the flavors that we sense.

And then I came across HOLACHEF, where some amazing chefs make a recipe which is combination of all these 5 tastes. This is just a beginning of a tasteful journey, which starts from the mouth and ends in my stomach. 

Harsh Rathod

So thanks Holachef for bringing such a service us users, compared to other food services, nobody is as impeccable or near you as a service provide. Your deliveries are superfast, food is yum and the most loving part is its healthy too, cant ask for anything more for the price. I love your packaging carry bags, everything you’ve done has a motive and a quench to give smiling faces to your customer. I always prefer you for my breakfast, cant even think of others, so many varieties, quick delivery, hot and healthy food. Also for the end I love your deserts. Minimal qty so lesser prices and everyday new options to choose from.

I love you Holachef! Long live and cheers to your superb team.

Shivanjali Bhatnagar

Holachef has made life easy and tasty. The food that Holachef provides is not the normal food that we order from restaurants, it is the kind of food that one eats in a five star hotel. You get the Five star hotel experience sitting at home in an hour and in affordable prices. The journey with Holachef started with me sharing a plate of cheese and mushroom bake with a friend and I ended up finishing most of her food. That’s when I feel in love with it, and then I never stopped. Every time I have 100 rs extra in my pocket I end up ordering something from Holachef. I desperately wait for all the exciting offers and coupons. I think this website was a brilliant idea , it has made the tastiest food available at home. The desserts are to die for, the masala chaas is another beautiful experience. I Love Holachef.

Himanshu Bhandari

Dear Holachef and Team,

Lots of thanks first of all for making my lunch time a delight many a times. I still remember the first time I ate puri-shrikhand ordered from Hola and since then I think I have tasted almost everything that you people served. Thanks a lot people not only for good quality of food but also timely delivery and awesome customer care service. I gifted my girl friend working in BKC her favorite dish via Holachef on our proposal anniversary.

So you know why I love you so much. Keep doing the awesome work.

Bharath D U

Dear Holachef,

With the sweltering heat sweeping across Mumbai, I crave for some delicious cuisines but I don’t dare to step out in this hot sun, especially in between my busy schedule. And here comes the angelic Holachef (referred by a friend) with a magic wand that creates exquisite exotic cuisines that flatters n entices my taste buds. I crave for that dopamine surge delivered right at our door steps and fall in love with Holachef over n again, every time I order a meal or a dessert.  Chefs with a variety of recipes n cuisines have been excellent to dole out dishes one after the other on the platter. Holachef, you have won my heart n make me go weak in the knees especially when it’s 2pm, 8pm.

Love you Holachef.
Yours forever,

Mourya Dandu

I have recently come across Holachef through a friend. Initially skeptical, I slowly started getting used to ordering from you. I think what makes Holachef unique is a carefully curated set of dishes and also kind of making me feel being home. It’s almost like calling my mom and asking whats for dinner tonight. Staying in Andheri, the delivery time is unbelievable almost less than 10 minutes. I believe the selection from cuisines make it very unique to dine with Holachef. I continue to share my love for Holachef and hope to continue this relationship.

Vijaya Gowrisankar

Famous chefs and their tasty food were once accessible only to people visiting big hotels. Holachef has brought mouth-watering food directly to our homes, “our” being the common man, from the kitchen of famous chefs. Missed lunch? Tired after a day’s work and looking for a healthy snack to boost my energy and start my evening. Friday evening and looking to take it easy? Special occasion, but not a family that eats out in a restaurant? Curious to try different cuisines. These are some of my excuses to order from Holachef. Well, what’s so tempting about Holachef that I refer it to friends, colleagues and return to it so often?
Tasty, healthy food, promising high quality, made accessible everyday, with lots of delightful regular offers – Thank you Holachef for this gift.

Nadia Vitari

So much to discover so little time! Thanks Holachef for letting me experiment with cuisines from all over India and not only… Without you my kitchen would be a puzzling mess with, most likely, baffling and disastrous results! Sharing my love for you today also means that your fast and always different, yummy service has helped me save time, precious moments that I have used to devote my attention to others around me  and, why not, also to myself and relax a bit in these crazy days!

You are not a guilty pleasure; in fact you are a pampering, well-deserved indulgence!

Shantanu Samak

I have ordered from Holachef on more than 5 occasions till now. Every time they have raised the bar with quality, taste, delivery and promotions. They food is sumptuous and the portions are quite filling. Needless to say hygiene is maintained in preparations and packaging. Too many options available to choose from and scheduled delivery is something that most of the competition does not offer. However the most interesting part for me is the availability of breakfast as most of other portals or home deliveries aren’t functional in the morning hours.

I would love to see more of Indian regional dishes on the menu. I wish Holachef all the best in their future endeavors. Keep up the Food Work…i mean Good Work!

Purav Shah

Holachef was referred to me by my friend, and i wasn’t much excited about it at first but as I checked out the app, I was just lost in the delicious food and dishes that were available on menu, especially the punjabi dishes which are available at pocket friendly prices. With fair good quantity and of course the amazing taste..Dishes prepared by the qualified chef and delivered right at your doorstep is just an amazing concept to start with..and to be honest it really gives you that “ghar ka khana” wala feeling and you feel really satisfied after having a Holachef meal..So nowadays  one of the few things I do everyday is to checkout the dishes that are available on Holachef’s app and just keep staring at the visuals of such tempting dishes & after all the icing on the cake is their Buy one get one offer ..and i see to it that i don’t miss to grab any opportunity to avail any offers.

Keep up the good work Holachef & thank you for the wonderful meal everytime!

Siddhant Wadhwani

It was really a great experience. Have ordered various dishes, prepared by your best chefs. Receiving special gifts along with every order in the beginning, to referring friends and earning rewards and bonuses has been a great temptation. Apart from the quality and quantity, the love with which the food is prepared and sent across is also great. I’m truly delighted to order food from the best of chefs across the world.

Keep up the brilliant work. I wish I too learn from your team to prepare such wonderful delicacies and get a chance to join your team some day.

Shrikant Vishwakarma

Dear Holachef,

I am using hola since eight month and I got a food on time, I want to thank you hola for providing the better quality with yummy taste that I ever had and your website is too familiar as compare to foodpanda, zomato, and other  people. I’m 100% sure that no one will beat you in terms of quality hygiene food and quick service, and lastly I would like to say that I always refer hola to my friend and all who are hungry for taste.

Love you hola. Cheers All the Best.

Shreyashi Dasgupta

How do you know one is a foodie and a girl?
When you are so indecisive regarding food shopping for food ! And Holachef is totally responsible for spoiling me ! I enter the site thinking about some food, browse and change my choice at every screen, test my controlling power by missing on the dessert and come to the checkout page! Oh no! There are food suggestions! That scrumptious brownie and the apple pie!, Suddenly the craving peaks and I HAVE to have the brownie! Order done! Wait a second. There are healthy munchies… the FLAVOURS code will get me discounts on them. I have just had a lot of calories! I need to make up for it through the yoghurt and the munchies. … errr. The hummus looks delicious .. i can stock it for dinner…. Ordered, ordered, ordered. .. Gosh! Thats a Holachef order for me !