Holachef and Pets: A Love Story!

Do you have a pet.. or pets? Are you always searching for pet-friendly holiday-homes, hotels, restaurants and cafes? Well, you are not alone! Many of us love our pooches and kitties way to much to do anything without them. Unfortunately, there aren’t those many pet-friendly places accessible all the time. So when you want to enjoy a good Italian meal and have only your friendly pet for company, what do you do?

Simple, you order Holachef and enjoy the meal at home with the most adorable friend you have! And going by these Tweets and posts, you will know that pets L.O.V.E Holachef too!

We could admire those eyes for hours at end! 



Milo’s charm is hard to resist; Holachef bag is in brilliant company there! 



We love all cat videos but this one is our all-time favorite!



This kitty is just so adorable we wanted to get inside the screen and cuddle her!  


@prabday Hail Hola! That lunch was delishhh…*snore* #holachef #mumbai #tgif #kitten A photo posted by Holachef (@hola_chef) on


You know you have done something right if the puppy wags its tail! 



It’s no surprise why we chose this cat picture for our surprise bags! #LOVE



So if you have a pet who loves Holachef too, do send us a picture or a video! We absolutely love those and usually never get over them. You can tweet us at @Hola_Chef or tag us on Instagram at @Hola_Chef.



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