Holachef – A Truly Multicuisine Offering

(A truly multi-cuisine experience with Holachef shared by one of our chefs.)

Holachef makes hungry tummies happy!

By Chef Radhika Ichhhpuniani

All of us like to travel with our friends & families to explore our favorite locations and to spend quality time with each other. Our trips & vacations help enhance our mental and physical state in so many ways. For me, one of the best parts about travelling is to come back to home sweet home;, rejuvenated and recharged to take on whatever lies ahead.

I would like to talk about one such short trip which my family and I went on and how it ended with a pleasant experience with Holachef.

Recently, over the Ganesh Chaturthi weekend, my husband’s parents were visiting us from Chennai and we planned a short trip to Lonavala with them. We had a wonderful time at our favorite resort there and were thoroughly relaxed & rejuvenated by the end of the holiday. My 7 year old daughter wanted to stay there for another week and we explained to her that the best part about any vacation is that it has to end; and that we get to go back home to our day to day routine. Well, we didn’t think she bought it so we are still trying to convince her on that

On the way back home, we decided to not stop en route as we wanted to get home before the traffic built up (it was the final day of the ganesh chaturthi festival). Needless to say, I knew that everyone would be famished by the time we would get back home and  I started wondering (read worrying!) about where to order food from. As usual, each of us started sharing preferences about what they wanted to eat, cuisine, etc. It turned out that we wanted idlis & dosas, a sandwich or a panini, some parathas with veggies and my daughter wanted a chocolate mousse. I immediately knew that majority of the food providers wouldn’t be able to cater to such a diverse, multi cuisine menu.

With the above requirements at hand, I logged into the Holachef app and began browsing through the menu. As expected, there were so many options from all across India and it took me 5 mins overall to pick something for everyone and get the order confirmed. My daughter doesnt have much of an appetite but she loves browsing throught the Holachef app and drooling at the pictures, hence she added the individual dishes to the cart. That says a lot about the ease of ordering from the app, it’s literally a child’s play !

We reached home around 3:30 pm and the food arrived shortly after that. It didnt take long for most of the food to get devoured as everyone was hungry. My mother in law hadnt tried the Holachef food before and she was very happy with the food and the overall experience.  She was fascinated that home food need not necessarily come out of your own home kitchen any more.

A huge thanks to the Holachef team & its chefs for saving the day, for bringing the fun factor back to food ordering & eating, for promoting diversity and for making so many hungry tummies happy.

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