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The Many Faces Of Pancakes

It was the first solo meal I was cooking for my new family. As a new bride I should have been nervous especially since the house was teeming with relatives including grandparents, sundry aunts, uncles and cousins, but I was not. Having been considered a very good cook in my parental home, I was used […]

Don’t Waste Food!

Have you ever thought about how much food we waste, especially at restaurants and those lavish dinners and weddings where there are a zillion dishes to choose from? One would think that a buffet would encourage eating wisely and not wasting food as one can pick and choose, but do we? We pile our plates […]

Going bananas!

We say someone is going bananas when they act strange. Bananas also bring to mind monkeys. What a lot of negative association for a wonderfully versatile and nutrient-packed fruit that is accessible even to the poorest. A banana easily makes a complete meal. Grab one and eat it on the go but be careful not […]

Assembly Line Papad-Making

Like many of my generation, I have grown up with large Britannia biscuit tins filled with papads, huge ceramic jars full of spicy pickles and big bins filled with grains and flour among other things. The masalas were all ground at home or at the neighbourhood chakki (flour-mill). The bins and jars have all but […]

Use of Jaggery As A Sweetener in India

Sweetener Fit for Gods With the festival season is full swing, we are all making and feeding/eating a lot of goodies. Some are traditional and others modern versions of the traditional. Whatever, we make the offerings to the deities in tuck in to the yummy treats. Modak, sweet pongal, til gud, revdi, payasam, chikki…..There is […]

Just one dosa, please!

How many kinds of dosas do you reckon there are? No, not the various kinds of masala dosas, but the actual varieties of dosas. Ok so you know uthappam, ravadosa, and the now popular ‘set dosa’ too. These are but the tip of the dosaberg, so to say. If you were to dig deeper…..well, ginte […]