Giving For Joy: 5 Reasons That Inspire

Donate Food through Holachef

Robin Hood Army: Distribution of Holachef food in Thane – Mulund area.

There’s so much happiness in giving. Be it your time, affection, a smile or something that can be wrapped in a box. Translating our thoughts into action and involving you and many others with something that is close to our heart, we are trying to reach out and spread some joy. On 8th December,  for any order that you place on Holachef  with the code GIVINGFORJOY, we will donate a meal on your behalf to the less fortunate through Robin Hood Army and to the slums in Andheri (E).

Acts such as these cannot be quantified but certainly can be enormously fulfilling. Here are some reasons that help us reach in while we reach out.

Humanity: Humanity is considered a religion in itself. We evolve by helping each other and caring for others, based on the simple fact of humanity. Humans can only help and reach out to fellow being by understanding their needs. We are after all born in a community to fulfill a goal of living together happily and making this world a better place to live in.

Satisfaction: There is a robotic routine, day-in and day out, throughout the year which brings a sense of achievement, surely. But nothing matches up to the feeling of satisfaction that the joy of giving brings. The feeling that somebody’s life just got better because of a small act of kindness will melt your heart. Even if it means feeding the hungry for one day, it will be a day etched in your memory throughout your life.

Kindness: To quote Dalai Lama, “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” Being kind doesn’t take much efforts. Kindness hides itself in the smallest of acts that you might think are negligible. Whether it is donating clothes to the homeless or spending a day spreading cheers around them, no act of kindness goes unnoticed, however big or small it is. A step towards trying to make someone’s life better, is enough to set the ball rolling. And it is believed that kindness is a chain reaction!

Robin Hood Army: Distribution of Holachef food in Thane – Mulund area.

Goodwill: Every day people wish the world to get better and  even if it is inch by inch, there is certainly a steady movement. Societies have often helped each other in testing times erasing all boundaries and differences only to evolve as finer societies. The wish to give a part of what you have can be a great example of excelling as a person. Whether it’s surprising a stranger at a cafe by paying his bills or buying lunch for a poor fellow, the smalls acts are examples of growing well from within.

Joy and Happiness: Of the many instances that shower happiness on us, the one derived out of  sharing is perhaps the most gratifying. Why keep away from any opportunity of giving when the act will offer eternal joy more than anything else. A good deed is a sign of being grateful for what you have in life while also sharing it with those who seldom see joys. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, “Happiness is not a goal, it’s a by-product of a life well lived.”

On December 8, Holachef aspires to make you a part of something we truly believe in – Giving For Joy. Go ahead, your order today is priceless.

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