Getting the team together!

The challenge in getting a start-up off the block is not the potential of the idea but getting a team to take the idea to its potential. Hence, a team that compliments each other’s skill sets and brings freshness to the table every day is the lifeline of a start-up. And it’s not just skills that are necessary; for someone who works with a new venture, normal life becomes a ‘luxury’. Personal sacrifices become the order of the day!

For Holachef, we needed a starting team that was passionate about food. That was our only criterion. That they should be able to handle their respective core work and that they were all compatible with one-another was a given.

To find such a team we didn’t have to look too far. Our 6-seater dining table, where we first stumbled upon the idea for Holachef, is where we found the human pillars of the company too. Those of us who were present at the time of ideation were also willing to let go of life-as-we-know-it and work towards building a company that celebrated ‘passion for food’ everyday, in every meal.

Hriitu came on-board as the Idea Evangelist and a master of strategy and networking. Anil came in as the CTO and brought tons of technology experience; he also got along with him a perpetual hunger for variety in tastes and flavours. Samir joined in as the go-to-man for Operations – logistics and supply chain. Some of the first few deliveries were done by him and he enjoyed it as much as he loved the rest of his work profile. Sadhna came in a little later and has been working on the most crucial task at hand – finding the very best chefs in town! There are others who have graciously lent their skills and time to Holachef, including our families who haven’t seen much of us since April. But we get by – as long as there’s food-worth-craving-for on the table and an insatiable quest to build something amazing in the heart.

Mohit has come on-board as the House Chef! This team is coming together. We are gaining speed and I am loving every minutes of this joyride…

This is how the team reads:

Anil (IITB, Sodel Solutions)

Samir (IIMC, Wannabe Foodies, Mexus Education)

Sadhna (BU,, Xerox Inc.)

Mohit (Rizvi HM, Taj, Meridian Dubai, Food Food)

Hriitu (Harvard, Cambridge Judge, Social Entrepreneur Ex-Founder iProf, CEO, Anant Vikas)

Saurabh (IITB, Mexus Education) / Team Logs / 3



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  1. Anupama Mishra says:

    Hey all! I just wanted to drop in a word of appreciation for your fantastic venture. I am a regular customer of Holachef and a fan of your uncompromising quality of food, packaging and customer service. Absolutely love the idea of fine-dining through cloud and the awesome taste of all the dishes. Kudos to all of you. Wishing you all the best with your venture!

    • Holachef says:

      Hi Anupama,

      Thank you so much for the kind words :) Glad to know that you are hooked to our food as much as we are hooked to serving you :)

      Keep craving!

      Team Holachef


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