For the love of tea

By Namrata Pradhan

We all know the famous aromatic hot beverage of India; yes, you are right- the tea! Many people have written about it and today this refreshing beverage is quite famous on social media as well – ‘seven things only a chai lover can understand’ or ‘ten things that make tea the best beverage’ and other such listicles do the rounds every once in a while. Like my mom, I am a true tea lover.

In fact, some might call me a theic (One who is addicted to the immoderate use of tea; a tea-drunkard, as per Wordnik).

I exactly don’t remember when I fell for this relishing beverage but out of many things for which I want to thank my mom, introducing me to tea is definitely one of the important ones. My bond with tea grew during my hostel days in Pune and the city’s weather only led to an even more intense love story between us. However, the not-so-nice weather days also called for cutting chai at one of the tapris with my friends.

Cutting Chai at Tapri

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The love just kept growing. I remember when one of my cousins gifted me an induction stove. With his hostel experience, he didn’t want me to make tea, Maggie, and eggs in the same kettle. Well thanks dada for that! My induction stove was used by my friends for making chicken, paneer, and what not. But for me, it only served one purpose – making tea.

My hostel mess served tea for five bucks. Smart tea lovers like me used to carry our mugs to the mess in order to pour a little extra. After all we were all budding economists and we know one thing pretty well- optimum utilization of available resources.

Later, when I moved into an apartment, I was delighted to find all my new flat mates shared the same love for tea. It became a sort of custom in our house to have a cup of chai every time one of us came back from work. So the five of us had different in-times, and yes, we used to have tea every single time, every single day!

It all seems like only yesterday! Now, in my current office, tea is served twice every day. Many of my colleagues skip the afternoon tea after they have had a heavy lunch; but no, not me. Weird looks from colleagues be damned!

Would you be surprised if I told you that before a New Year’s party, when all my friends were giving their beverage-preference for the celebration, I requested to have some tea accessible! I was worried where I would find a tapri to quench my thirst for tea the next morning! Seriously insane, right? Well such is my insane love for tea and it’s getting more intense by the day. I guess the law of Diminishing Marginal Utility does have one exception.

About Namrata Pradhan


Namrata is a Mumbaikar who is currently pursuing a career in the economic development sector. She loves interacting (and playing) with kids and her hobbies include eating and reading! She works as a content writer in Mumbai.


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