Dear Holachef Fans..

Each time we tick off a task at Holachef – whether it is meeting a target or achieving a laudable feat – a question silently surfaces. Is the ‘issue’ resolved? After all, everything that my team does here is to solve just that one ‘issue’: how-to-eat-a-wholesome-meal-while-ordering-in!

This problem statement inspired us to make Holachef what it is.  And that’s precisely why this year we want to focus on creating efficient solutions as much as celebrating our achievements. 2016 is going to be about Holachef surprising you with everything – innovation in food, technology and your experience!

The last few months have been a constant loop of accomplishing one milestone and dreaming of another one. From getting together the best chefs, putting forth innovative menus and upgrading the tech experience – we have seen a sort of revolution backstage. It was one of those crazy days at work when we realized we had served over 1 million meals in Mumbai. It was a big moment for my team, one that was believable yet so exhilarating.

A handful of meals at the start have now transcended into a global menu. Along with our home chefs, several professional ones have joined the force. From our home turf, Powai, Holachef now serves at every PIN code in Mumbai. Amidst all this, we always wonder: Didn’t we just begin?!

Food quality concerns, delays in delivery and tech problems have continuously emerged at every stage and in turn challenged us to only better ourselves. One of our endeavors to eliminate these issues and bring in effective solutions had us opening our own kitchen facility at the beginning of January 2016.

This facility has the best cooking infrastructure for our chefs and a tight control over sourcing best ingredients for the preparations. This is a facility from where our chefs can operate with 100% peace of mind and have a single-minded focus on making their recipes come alive. This central facility was an important milestone in our quest to create an extended personal kitchen for our fans, for you!

Holachef to me is romance. It is the romance of getting great food and many choices at an amazing convenience. It is to serve food that reminds one of a heartening emotion and not just a ‘tummy full’.

Reiterating  my team’s dream, Holachef was born out of a personal need of being able to order good food on a regular basis. The idea was to detach from the compulsion of kitchen chores twice a day in exchange of some leisure-time and wholesome food.

While we have just launched breakfast and evening snacks too, there’s a long way for us to become your wholesome extended kitchen – one that can fulfill your every food need, but we are getting closer to that dream with each passing day.

I feel so humbled when I see your encouraging appreciation or angry scolding.  In all of that, I see a connection that you have built with us and, more importantly, with our chefs.

My only urge to you is – please share your feedback, reviews, ratings for each dish or experience you have with us. It only makes us closer to what you desire us to be.





Saurabh Saxena is the founder – CEO of Holachef.  


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