Cold-Pressed Juices: Health In A Bottle

Tasty and healthy, cold-pressed juices are made using a technology that preserves vital nutrients and gives you all natural, preservative-free fresh drinks. At Holachef, the endeavor to offer such wholesome and nutritious options is supported by RAW Pressery with their range of super healthy liquids.

The Chief Juice Officer or Managing Director of Raw Pressery, Anuj, swapped jewelry for juices when he started the brand. In the following column, he briefly narrates his journey in pursuit of simplifying health.

It all started with one question, why does being healthy have to be so complicated? I realised, there wasn’t an honest healthy beverage in the market and the closest I could get to finding any was coconut water.

I invested in a simple Norwalk cold-pressed juice machine and started juicing in my kitchen. From scouting out fresh produce to experimenting with different recipes, I was hooked on to finding a solution to this question.

Finally after months of research, opinions from nutritionists and other taste experts – RAW Pressery was born. My idea was to combine extremely nutritious locally sourced veggies like doodhi, amla and ginger with superfoods like kale, spirulina and chia seeds. All this and more with cold-press to the rescue! All the juices have benefits attached to them and are tasty too.

Cold-pressed technology ensures that all the fruits and vegetables are gently squeezed so that you are getting more of the fruit and vegetable in the bottle. No heat or air is generated through this process and all vital nutrition is preserved.

Some might say, a home blended juice can solve the purpose and pack in the right amount of nutrition for the day. What most people aren’t aware of is that while blending your fruits and veggies, heat is generated through friction between the blades apart from oxidation that happens while the fruits and veggies are being blended.

All good, no bad is our motto and the belief that we have based this brand on. This is exactly what we aspire to bring to you and hope to spread the love through our presence on Holachef.

You can read more about the products at:
Instagram: @Raw pressery
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