Chicken Schnitzel Recipe By Chef Mohit Chotrani

Chicken schnitzel is a juicy and tender variation, cooked with a crunchy exterior. In all my years of cooking professionally, this is one dish that I have never tried either at work or at home. Infact, I had observed a senior chef prepare it using veal, early in my career. Still fresh, this memory and the simplicity of the dish makes me share the recipe here.

Number of portions – 2
Cooking  time – 15 min
Preparation time – 10 min


Chicken breast – 2 whole
Mustard sauce – 40 gm
Eggs – 3
Salt – 15 gms
Black pepper – 10 gm
Refined flour – 100 gm
Panko crumbs – 100 gm
Oil to shallow fry
Lemon wedges for garnish


1. Slice the chicken breast into two, also known as butterfly
2. Marinate the pieces with mustard sauce, salt and pepper
3. Heat oil in a frying pan
4. Coat the marinated chicken breast with flour while dusting off the excess flour
5. Next, dip it in beaten eggs and then into the panko crumbs
6. Once the oil is heated, add the coated chicken and cook on each side till golden brown
7. Serve with lemon wedges and dijon mustard

P.S: In case you cannot find panko crumbs you can use white bread  instead. However, this could take away from the crispiness of the dish.

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