An Independence Day Well Spent

Today was a wonderful day for us! As a young team, we had wanted to do something vibrant for Independence Day celebration. We started planning really late, only around 8th of August. So every idea that came up had to be workable in very little time that we had. So after a crazy week at our extremely loud and crowded office, here’s what we managed to do. It was exciting to see that this National Festival was the first time that our team not only put up a stellar show but also squeezed in a small party in the office amidst all the craziness.

As clichéd as it sounds, they say pictures speak a thousand words. So here’s what happened for Independence Day at Holachef!

We hosted the first ever virtual food-fest for regional Indian food! From Punjab, Sindh, Gujrat, Maratha to Dravid, Utkal, Banga to Rajasthan, Kashmir, Nagaland!

We served some delicious cuisine from North East – not so easily available around Mumbai!

We reminded everyone that freedom is sweet!

We supported Robin Hood Army in their awesome initiative to serve 100K meals across India and Pakistan!

And then, our amazing delivery crew decided to share the festive cheer in the most heartwarming way – and it’s worth mentioning that this happened of their own accord!

We had some sweets on the house for ourselves with a wonderful tricolored joy spread all over our office! An independence-day-inspired game of pictionary was played too; that we drew Dandi March to explain Lathi Charge is a different matter all together!

To think of it, last year at this time we only existed on paper. In fact, in September 2014 – we were a team of 5. What followed is a beautiful conspiracy! And we have only just begun

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