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Dear Holachef Fans..

Each time we tick off a task at Holachef – whether it is meeting a target or achieving a laudable feat – a question silently surfaces. Is the ‘issue’ resolved? After all, everything that my team does here is to solve just that one ‘issue’: how-to-eat-a-wholesome-meal-while-ordering-in! This problem statement inspired us to make Holachef what […]

Startup India: Views & Expectations

By Saurabh Saxena (This article was originally published on www.firstpost.com) I have been a part of the startup ecosystem in India since 2006 – as an entrepreneur as well as an angel investor. Having been on both sides, I have had an opportunity to see this space evolve over the years. Since then, there have been […]

Consumer is king. And rightly so!

When we started Holachef, it was to provide a great solution to a very basic problem in our household – what to eat today and where to get it from? Being a working couple, we ended up ordering food from outside very often (4 days a week, to be precise). While it was a convenient […]

Getting the team together!

The challenge in getting a start-up off the block is not the potential of the idea but getting a team to take the idea to its potential. Hence, a team that compliments each other’s skill sets and brings freshness to the table every day is the lifeline of a start-up. And it’s not just skills […]

The creative obsession!

It is normal to get obsessed with something we love! It is what they call the creative obsession. Often, it might take time to find what one’s real passion is or what gets one’s creative juices flowing. Some might love painting or dancing, making films or writing journals. Even scientists get obsessed with their research. […]

Holachef – The journey begins!

April 2014. Like any classic story, ours, too, began in a rented one-room basement. Except that it wasn’t as much of a basement but our dinner table. All we wanted to have was some good food delivered at our table which wasn’t a stupid pizza. It just didn’t work out. The local restaurants weren’t what […]