A tête-à-tête with Rishi Raj Kanoria

Rishi Raj Kanoria is Vice President @ Media.net and has 12+ years of experience in the internet technology industry. Prior to joining Media.net, he completed his MBA in Strategy & Finance from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He is very passionate about business & technology and is a wanna-be coder.  He is a traveler and a foodie in the purest sense and enjoys spending time with my family & friends. He is married to Sadhna Raj Kanoria, VP, Sales & Marketing, Holachef

1)    What do you think Sadhna does at Holachef? 
I think Sadhna gets to taste some amazing gourmet food at Holachef on a daily basis and gets paid for it at end of the month. That’s makes me super jealous :D. On a serious note, I believe she is a rock star multi-tasker who has been extremely passionate about building Holachef (she was the first employee) and is taking the company to new heights.

2)    Who is a better cook between the two of you?
We both are wanna-be cooks. If we are forced to cook, Sadhna would cook better than me. However, I think she cannot beat me in making “masala chai”.

3)    Which has been your most memorable holiday and why?
All our trips have been memorable. We have traveled to various parts of the world including USA, Australia, South East Asia and many parts of India. However, our most memorable trip was to Australia last year. Apart from doing the regular touristy stuff, we had an amazing time scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef and cycling through the beautiful city of Cairns. We also ended up watching India play Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground – it was amazing to cheer for our country at that historical stadium. We met Adam Gilchrist & Mathew Hayden at the SCG – it was phenomenal! One of the key highlights of the trip was eating at Gazi in Melbourne, a restaurant owned by the famous master-chef George Calombaris.

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4)    Do you consider yourself a foodie? What’s your most favorite food of all times?
I am definitely a foodie. My one point agenda when I am traveling is to try the various cuisines that different cultures have to offer. However, my most favorite food item is dal chawal.

5)    If not in India, where would you like to live and why?
If not in India, I would LOVE to live in Miami. Great beaches, great people, amazing food – everything that I want in life.

6)    Which TV shows do you watch and why?
I watch all kinds of TV shows – Game of Thrones, Homeland, House of Cards, Suits, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma are some of my favorites.

7)    Which are your most favorite restaurants in Mumbai?

Mumbai has many amazing restaurants (one of the reasons I love Mumbai). Some of the restaurants I like are Mamagoto, Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Cafe Basilico, Silver Beach Cafe, Dakshinayan.

8)    What’s your idea of a great weekend?
Swimming or a good game of squash followed by a good lunch/dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. If time permits, I love to play Fifa on my newly acquired Play Station.

9)    Tell us something about Sadhna that we don’t already know!
She is a ferocious Fifa player and will not accept defeat easily. Statutory warning: If any one decides to play any sport with her, please let her win. Else she may attack you; and believe me .. she can hurt.

10)    Have you tried Holachef? How was your experience? 
Of course I have – Holachef is my go-to place when I am looking for comfort food. Most of the times the food has exceeded my expectations.

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