A Slice of Italian History – at Holachef

India is trying to go global with food, and so are we! The emergence of Panini in the country’s food scene has invited a lot of curiosity and we decided to slice the whole bread for you.

Of Italian origin, panini (plural) or panino is referred to as a type of sandwich with a variation in the form of bread. A panini excludes using sliced bread and generally comes in different types – baguette, ciabatta and michetta or rosetta, focaccia, etc. The simple idea behind this whole invention was to have a quick meal option! If you think about it, a panino can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack! Assembling it is pretty smooth and if you have the right ingredients, you can prepare one in about a few minutes.

Panini – Traditional Italian Sandwich

As history suggests, panino was originally a non-toasted version which later evolved into a grilled one. And, today, we have panini grills to create a perfect one of our own. The best part is yet to come – how can we forget the stuffing? Cheese, meat, vegetables, sauces – anything one desires can go right in a panino.

At Holachef, we have made this Italian experience accessible! Chef Divyesh ensures that you have delicious snack options straight from Italy; with a variety for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Jamaican Jerk Cottage Cheese with Mushrooms Panini is quite popular amongst vegetarians – cottage cheese chunks tossed with Jamaican jerk spice mix and roasted button mushrooms, topped with vegetables, cheese and grilled in a multi-grain panini bread. Doesn’t that sound absolutely delish? For non-vegetarians, Barbecue Chicken with Caramelised Onions Panini is a big hit – and why wouldn’t it be? It has barbecued chunks of chicken tossed with caramelised onions, topped with vegetables, cheese and grilled in a multi-grain panini bread.

With the onset of multi-grain panini bread, panino is a healthy option with a stuffing that involves vegetables and roasted/grilled food. You can try one of these Italian delicacies and more delightful dishes on our daily menu at holachef.com.

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