A Deeper Look at Work-Life

By Anita Mulchandani

A deeper look at our work-life:

Most of our work life we complain about what is wrong with the company, the work environment, the work itself, colleagues, top management, policies, rules, etc but  we forget to pause and think of how much it gives us.

What we need to be grateful for:

Our work / company that brings us money which provides for our families, it feeds and clothes us, educates us, it provides for our holidays, our comforts, our luxuries, for our children’s education and marriages, our parents and our medical expenses and so much more. It is as sacred as a temple/church/mosque/gurudwara, it is our Karma Bhumi. It what we “DO” for major part of our life so shouldn’t we be give it with the best of our abilities? If not, then we are living a bigger part of our life halfheartedly.

Our contribution to the company, society, country and the world

Together as a team /company we contribute to making this world a better place, we provide some services which are required by society and our country.

As individuals working in a team we are also indirectly responsible in providing for other families. If our part of the job was missing the others couldn’t function efficiently or at all.

Questions we need to introspect on:

Our colleagues are our second family, our work place our second home. It is where we spend a major part of our day.

The questions we need to ask ourselves:

Can I not behave with my colleagues with love, understanding and compassion?
Can I not treat the work place as my own home?
Would I use my own resources the way I use or spend the company’s resources?
Can I not live to my best and highest potential and offer the best that I can?
Can I not be more supportive to those in need especially if I have the time?
Can I not share my knowledge with a junior and help them progress in life?

A shift in our perspective on our work-life can bring about:                                    

  • A more harmonious, peaceful, fulfilling work environment
  • Happiness and contentment due to better relationships at work
  • Less stress which leads to better health and better relationships with peers and superiors
  • Progressive thinking and more innovative ideas since we think better when we are not stressed
  • Better management due to lower stress and better relationships
  • More focus on the task in hand due to lower stress and better environment
  • Happy memories for everyone after we move on from the organization
  • Life long friendships and relationships

I hope this helps you introspect and brings about a shift in your work and life for the better.

About Anita Mulchandani

Chartered Accountant by fluke, free spirit at heart, travel on my mind all the time but stuck behind the desk – irony of life. This post was originally published on anitamulchandani.wordpress.com


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