8 Cuisines To Try At Holachef

Now that desi festivals are over and we have all over-indulged in mithais, let’s switch over to some international cuisines for a much-needed change. Say hello to spicy Mexican, filling Mediterranean, cheesy Continental and flavoursome Oriental food!

Our gourmet chefs put together a spread of dishes from across continents offering an exceptional culinary experience. Dig into sauces, sides, curries, rolls and treat yourself to some unusual flavours. It’s time to bring out the spoons, fork and chopsticks because (now we shall say the most cliched thing) – we are bringing the world on your plate…order away!

Holachef invites you all for a feast of international cuisines for one day- November 16 and here are a few dishes to check out.

1. Grilled Chilli Basil Cottage Cheese in Chilli Basil Sauce with Burnt Garlic Fried Rice

An Asian dish with marinated and grilled cottage cheese chunks in a flavoursome chilli basil sauce; served alongside cooked rice stir fried with slightly burnt garlic cloves to infuse the right flavour.

2. Chicken Thai Curry with Burnt Chilly, Coriander Noodles and Pickled Veggies

From the Oriental cuisine, this platter combines a fiery red Thai curry simmered with chicken pieces, vegetables and a blend of spices with noodles stir fried with burnt chilli and coriander leaves and accompanied by pickled vegetables.

3. Basil and Mushroom Burger with Cream of Tomato Soup

Delicious grilled patty of basil seasoned mushroom stuffed between two toasted burger buns with an assortment of vegetables, caramelized onions and a slice of cheese; accompanied by a delightful, nourishing bowl of creamy tomato soup for an American meal.


4. Mix Veg in Hunan Sauce with Malaysian Flat Noodles and Kung Pao Potatoes

Vegetables cooked in a sauce made from flavours including garlic, red chillies, ginger, spring onions, black pepper, sugar, and vinegar; to be relished with cooked flat noodles sauteed with veggies, sauces and fiery red paste and served with a side of kung pao potatoes. As the name suggests, the noodles are a part of the Malaysian staple diet.

5. Asparagus, Bell Pepper & Cheese Sushi Roll

Exclusive Japanese rolls made from rice and stuffed with asparagus, bell peppers and cheese to bring you an oriental delight.

6. Veggies and Mushroom Stroganoff with Herbed Rice and Potato Wedges

Originally a Russian dish, this version of stroganoff has an assortment of veggies cooked in butter, sour cream, paprika and mushrooms; to be relished with flavoursome herbed rice and a side of potato wedges.

7. Three Layered Vegetable & Cheese Lasagne with Minestrone Soup

One of oldest dishes from the Italian cuisine, the dish has three layers of vegetables, lasagna sheets and cheese full with the flavours of Italian herbs, baked to perfection and accompanied by a hearty  vegetable soup with the goodness of garlic, tomato, beans, onion, celery and olive oil.

8. Vegetable Fricassee in Fine Herb Sauce with Tomato Relish and Pilaf Rice

From the French fare, fricassee has spring onions, leeks, garlic, herbs and vegetables brought to a boil with a herb flavoured creamy sauce; coupled with sauteed tomatoes cooked with vinegar and sugar; accompanied by boiled potatoes grated, topped with sauteed mushrooms, finished off with another layer of grated potatoes and cheese then baked to perfection.

And like we said…It’s international food, dude! Show some foodie love here – www.holachef.com

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