6 reasons why you need us during the IPL

There are only two things that are common to all Indians – bollywood and cricket. While Hindi cinema has been bowling us over for many years, cricket seems to be hitting back at it saying, “Rishtey mein to hum tumhare baap hote hain.”

Now that Pepsi IPL Season 8 is here, it is rightly being promoted as India Ka Tyohar. And what’s a festival in India without good food?

For that matter, what’s anything in India without food on the side! At Holachef.com, we are celebrating IPL with smashing dishes and spinning discounts!

Did you know that Holachef.com serves food prepared by the best chefs in town, from a wide range of cuisines, with a brand new menu every day? In other words, we fulfill your food fantasies!

..And guess what, Holachef.com can be your much needed companion in your living room during the IPL matches as the teams knock each other out at the pitch. Here are 6 reasons why you need us during the IPL:

  1. It is always a great idea to mix great food with an exciting cricket match!
  2. You get big discounts during every IPL match. Yes.
  3. Mumbai is hot and we have got the coolest selection of cold-press juices, refreshing drinks, buttermilk and desserts to go with your food!
  4. You will be spoilt for choices with a brand new menu every day – from Vietnamese to Middle Eastern and everything in between.
  5. You can tell us (by replying to this mail) your foodie-wish list and we will have it listed on the menu!
  6. You can order through our mobile app or website – easypeasy!

It would be a googly is you didn’t celebrate IPL with us!

Visit Holachef.com to check today’s menu!

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5 Responses

  1. richa khandelwal says:

    I would love more healthy options for meal. So far you have some good salads but they are repetitive. How about dimsums/brown bread sandwiches/Sub salads/tossed vegetables/sprouts etc. I would also like to see mini meal options, as some of the meals I like are too much for me. If I can just get half of it, i will be great! or combos of two meals/mix n match etc like combo of soup n salad( the problem for you, I think, would be if they are from different chefs). But hey, you guys have been innovating a lot, since I started ordering in Jan. So I’ll be hopeful.

    • Holachef says:

      Hi Richa,

      We love your suggestions You have every reason to be hopeful – we will be working on your ideas and you will see them soon on the website!

      Team Holachef

  2. Rashi says:

    Please include raj kachori, vegetaria lasagne in your menu ! Also would like to havr option of chapati instead of paratha for north indian meals

    • Holachef says:

      Raj Kachori.. yum!

      Sure, Rashi! That sounds like a great idea. We did list vegetarian lasagne on our menu a few times – will be doing that more often now Will also look into the chapati bit!

      Thank you for these cool suggestions!

      Team Holachef

  3. Manoj says:

    Hmmm… I guess you can now also think of coming to Ahmedabad.

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