5 Reasons To Watch Zubaan – A Musical Film

Zubaan is a coming of age story of a young man who has a fear of music, and is set in the worlds of traditional Punjab, modern gritty Delhi and the all-pervasive world of music. It is a Wave Cinemas, Ponty Chadha presentation in association with Raju Chadha. The movie releases on  4th March, 2016 and its lead actors Vickey Kaushal and Sarah Jane Dias have been busy promoting the musical film.

The charming duo spent a day with Holachef as well, speaking about the movie, gorging on wholesome meals and even delivering food around the city! Here’s our list on what makes Zubaan a must-watch. Don’t miss the fun-filled video where Sarah and Vickey visit the Coverfox office and even tap and swing in a fun dance.

1) It’s about music!

The plot of Zubaan revolves around how music plays a vital role in transforming the life of Dilsher. The songs offer much of fusion genre and the foot-tapping compositions are impressively weaved with the story of the movie.


2) Vicky and Sarah’z crazy beats your crazy!

The hot starts visited our central kitchen and even went on to deliver meals. Check out what Sarah-Jane Dias and Vicky Kaushal did at Holachef and Coverfox !


3) The story is about a simple guy making it big!

A young boy from a small town in Punjab faces the world, and in the process, explores his relationship with music. He struggles to speak without stammering in daily life but this problem completely disappears only when he sings and loses himself in the music. Eventually, his passion for music makes him an achiever.


4) You will love the movie’s Punjabi quotient!

The movie is about a Punjabi boy and the songs of the movie have regional lyrics to complement the fusion music score. The compositions are a good blend of soulful and entertaining songs apart from a lot of regional cultural influence through the film.


5) Vicky and Sarah’s chemistry!

Vicky and Sarah’s chemistry starts off on a charming note with a simpleton Vicky meeting the rockstar Sarah and the friendship eventually takes the route of love. Both of them offer a lively chemistry onscreen and are definitely a onscreen pair to look forward to.



Listen to all the songs from Zubaan here:


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