5 Reasons To Pick Holachef For Your Party Menu

Food is often a metric to decide how awesome any party can get and throwing a bash that demands culinary gratification of a diverse guest list is a daunting task in itself. Or maybe not anymore? Because Holachef offers great reasons to do away with party pangs and instead order exactly what each of your guests might want to feast on.

Here are some accounts and experiences that affirm how convenient it can get to host a rocking one!


When we catered to our first ever party order a few months back, it was after a long discussion with the host on his guests list. Invitees from his wife’s family were from  South India, his folks were from Punjab and his friends from everywhere, would have preferred regional food.
The party pack that was eventually delivered to him had Andhra, Punjabi, Bihari and Goan dishes. No, it wasn’t a wedding, just a get together!



A recent enquiry for a party left us pleasantly surprised. We did not even have to ask their preferences. The gentleman wanted a list of starters from Chef Rachna Prasad, main course from Chef Archana Vohra and desserts from Chef Shahzad Variava. Three rockstar chefs putting together a delicious spread; that’s called ordering like a boss!


Kids love it!

When we served over 100 boxes of pasta, sandwich and tartlets neatly plated in a single packing, the kids at that birthday party loved their personal meal packets and polished off the box with no wastage. The appropriate quantities and packaging did the trick. For the kids, it was a great lesson at an early age!



One of our ardent foodies tells us how his last minute house parties are impromptu yet customised. “We end up ordering a gamut of cuisines from the menu for the day, and a variety of spread just amazes my guests. Spoilt for choices, indeed!”


Fancy Food

Many  of our patrons have often expressed their delight on being able to order from a selection of “cool dishes” listed. And to think of it, from which place else can you together order a Mediterranean cold mezze platter, African jerk chicken, Vietnamese lamb and the good ol’ Rajasthani Daal Baati Churma?


We await an invitation for your next party! Till then, gorge on these dishes every day – www.holachef.com

For more details, visit: http://www.holachef.com/party-order

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