5 Fusion Indian Foods You Must Try!

What’s India without all the diversity and variety? The love with which we all eat dhokla, luchitorkari, idli-sambar or chhole-kulche simply speaks for the multiplicity that we, as a nation, are so used to living with fusion in everything. On 19th November, we are celebrating this mixed-bag of tastes and cultures.

As our chefs  prepare regional cuisines with authentic recipes we look at a few foods that have managed to wipe out all borders of our culinary differences and take national integration very seriously.

Here are a few fusions that equally confuse and delight the craver in us. Dishes that mix and merge desserts, street food and regional cuisine – take a look and do try them out.

Pav Bhaji Dosa

Isn’t it a task to pick a single variety of dosa from those makeshift centres lining the city roads and markets? Aloo masala takes a backseat and from noodles to veggies, everything can be found inside those paper thin rolls. Mumbai’s street food meets the South Indian favourite here…audacity is the mother of invention.. and crazy fusion!

Idli Chaat

This dish had to be born after that question plagued mothers every morning when they opened the fridge. What should I do with last night’s idlis? They needed to be masked well enough to look like a new dish altogether. Just frying them wouldn’t make the kids very happy. And so all limits of imagination were crossed and this epiphany happened!

Barfi Paratha

You ask aaj khane mein meetha kya hain and barfi paratha be like aaj meethe mein khana hain, bro. Indian foodies can indeed get so innovative with ingredients and mixing, we are definitely adding new fusion food to our culinary trove every day.

Chicken Tandoori Momos

The streets of Delhi, we are told, have achieved this culinary feat. Momos although have their origin in Tibet, are widely consumed in the North Eastern states. Delhites, as you know get quite touchy when they travel to a city where there are no momo stalls on the roads. And this was a humble gesture to show their over-protectiveness for a food they like, yet as usual – loud and clear!

Rajma Kathi Roll

Kathi rolls are believed to be from Kolkata and considering how experiential people from there are, this dish isn’t quite a surprise. Infact we are still digging into their cuisines to bring more food fusion to the fore. Maybe fish with rasam? Anything is possible.

We have spared such combos this time to bring to you regional dishes from places across the country…check out the spread here – www.holachef.com.

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