5 Fusion Desserts You Must Try

India and desserts go hand-in-hand. Any occasion, whether small or big, is never complete without a dessert. One country, different states, different cultures and, thankfully for us Indians, a plethora of sweet options! Although choosing one out of so many options is a sin in itself, we all have our favorites, don’t we? And what’s more – the favorite-list keeps getting longer with time.

We, at Holachef, have some of the best pastry chefs on board who serve some out-of-the-world sort of desserts every day. Be it Bengali Sandesh or French Ganache, we have got it all. However, there’s something unique that our stellar chefs have in offer at Holachef – fusion desserts! Oh yes. We blend a variety of tastes to bring you something unique and absolutely blissful . In other words, we build a great dessert heaven for you to indulge in.

1) Bandh-Gobhi Ki Kheer

We know, we know! It doesn’t sound right. That’s what we thought too. But when we tried it once, it changed our relationship with the humble bandh gobhi forever. Shredded cabbage is slow cooked with creamy milk, sugar, cardamom powder and garnished with dry fruits! It tastes much better than it sounds.

2) Paan Flavoured Mousse

Paan with a twist! Pureed betel leaves are whipped with cream, condensed milk and topped with dry fruits to dawn your favourite post-meal accompaniment in a dessert avataar. There’s no better way to end a meal than with a Paan Flavorured Mousse!

Paan Flavored Mousse by Chefs Ketaki & Nayana

3) Thandai Mousse with Gulab Jamun

The amalgamation of dry fruits and saffron flavour in milk, blended with whipped cream and sweet spices to create an Indian mousse flavour and served with the hot favourite – gulab jamun. You must try it to believe it!

Thandai Mousse With Gulab Jamun by Chef Bhavna Bhayani

4) Dudhi Halwa

Another one in the list (after the cabbage dessert) that requires a special mention is halwa made from bottle gourd! Once you taste this, we’re pretty sure you will have a new found respect for lauki/dudhi! Mom’s going to be so happy about that, isn’t she?

Dudhi Ka Halwa by Chef Bhavna Bhayani

5. Oats and Mango Hung Curd

Layers of crunchy oats, mango pulp and hung curd form this delicious dessert. A simple dessert option that is much less sinful, very healthy and satiates your sweet tooth craving too! A bingo in all areas, isn’t it?

Oats & Mango Hung Curd by Chef Aarti

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