5 Continental Fish Dishes at Holachef.com

At Holachef.com, we have some really awesome chefs who surprise us time and again with their creative streaks. Chef Preety came on board as a confectionery expert! Her exotic desserts took us by storm and our customers were drooling on her sweet dishes. Imagine our surprise when we realized that she is as good a baker as she is a continental chef. Something was fishy, quite literally! Her fish recipes soon became a hit and left us asking for more. Here’s how we like to describe Chef Preety:

You can bask in the aroma from her bakery

Melting butter, dark cocoa or something sugary,

She found her true calling in confectionery

You will love her mousse, cake or pastry.

She loves to make food that’s comforting,

Continental sauces, exotic recipes

She is also a food writer in the making!

Some of her popular fish dishes are listed below. They are available at Holachef.com from time to time – stay tuned if you would like to spoil your taste buds with these delicacies.

Fish With Lemon Butter Sauce And Sautéed Veggies

It’s delicious! Pan fried fillet of fish turned the perfect amount of golden brown; served on a bed of sautéed vegetables and drizzled with an indulgent portion of lemon butter sauce! Sigh. It tastes as good as it sounds. And did we mention it is garnished with fresh parsley?

Mediterranean Grilled Fish

Fish wrapped in the heavenly flavors of olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper; char grilled for a smoky Mediterranean flavor (are you drooling already?) – it is served with a thick cheesy sauce that enhances the taste many times over. Chef Preety serves it with a comforting portion of lemongrass rice that makes it a completely heavenly meal!

Teriyaki Steamed Fish

This is an aromatic indulgence! Fish steamed in a banana leaf wrap and served with spicy teriyaki sauce made of garlic, soy sauce, a bit of sugar, vinegar, freshly ground black pepper and ginger – a perfect blend of tastes for fish-lovers who love to it spicy! It’s served with flavorsome sesame rice – need we say more?

Fish Meunière

Fish slow cooked in meunière, a sauce made of brown butter, fresh parsley leaves and lemon; served with a delicious sauce of butter and lemon! Since the fish is slow-cooked, the flavor is more distinct and delicious. Best enjoyed with garlic bread and sautéed vegetables.

Potato Scaled Fish

Fish cooked with potato slices in a skillet; served with hollandaise sauce made of egg, butter and pepper! It’s an absolutely delectable dish; served with herbed rice and vegetables sautéed in olive oil.

These are just some of the many fish recipes served at Holachef.com. To order or to check out today’s menu, click here.

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