5 Cities to Find Best Indian Street Food

Ask a desi who has moved to another country what they miss about India and the answer would often be – the street food!

Bhaiya thoda teekha banana….Last wala plain purinahi doge?…Meethi chutney aur daal do…Saath mein hari mirch bhi dena.” Indian street food speaks for itself. Order it from Holachef and you could also send a picture or two to your friends living abroad. It’s always fun to do that!

And if you still haven’t visited some of the best food streets in the country known for their exclusive delicacies, it’s time to tick it off the list. For some help check this list for 5 places that deserve a food tour, like they say ‘before you die’!

Indore – Sarafa Bazar

A gold market by the day, this congested street in the heart of the old city magically turns into a foodie’s haven by night. Stalls that essentially offer all kinds of snacks, desserts and seasonal delicacies are invariably crowded with locals and visitors. The place defines the culinary destination that Indore is known for. With numerous stalls and varieties, it is always a good idea to visit the place along with a local, for the best recommendations. However, some of the must-haves include fried garadu, Joshi’s dahi wade and bhutte ka khees.

Delhi – Parathe wali Gali

A part of most tourists’ to do list, the parathas on this street have pretty much set the taste and flavour standards for probably the entire country. With celebrity footfalls over the years and shops that have become brands in themselves, Some of the legendary stalls are more than 150 years old! From the regular delicacies of aloo and gobi parathas to the more innovative ones of kaju and kismis parathas, the street is filled with a number of options. A crowded place thronged by foodies, this is one of those food streets that has stood the test of time and continues to remain an experiential sojourn.

Ahmedabad – Manek Chowk

Replete with food stalls that cover all popular cuisines, Manek Chowk is a vibrant place for a late evening hangout. Infact, the eateries here are open way past midnight and localites can be found eating their way into pav bhaji, chaats and everything else under the moon. The market is also famous for sandwiches and pizzas with an Ahmedabadi twist! Chocolate Sandwich, Chocolate Pizza and Pineapple Sandiwch are just a few to be named. Apparently, they even have ice-cream sandwiches! Ask any local foodie about what not to miss in Manek Chowk and they will definitely recommend Asharfi Kulfi to complete this experience, which is famous for differently flavoured kulfis.

Butter dosas anyone?

And here’s chocolate sandwich!

Bangalore – VV Puram

VV Puram is a treat for foodies who want to soak into local food apart from the usual fare. A crowded affair over weekends, weekdays will also see a good number with true foodies not being able to get enough! Apart from the regular idli and dosa, there is a lot of Karnataka specific variety which includes akki roti, ragi roti, paddus and holige or Karnataka style puranpolis filled with a sweet stuffing of coconut or lentils. There is also an interesting dish of kodu bele which are deep fried rings made from rice flour and yogurt. Don’t miss out on the famous South Indian bhajjis and bondas. A trip to VV Puram is incomplete without the gulkand ice-cream!

What not to miss at VV Puram:

Chennai – Sowcarpet

Plan an early evening visit to Sowcarpet in Chennai to avoid a huge crowd! Yes, this street is lined up with what your heart desires. Chaats, fresh juice shops, fusion dishes like murukku sandwich and more North Indian street items too. You will also find thick lassi, kulfi, jalebis and even paan here. The street is famous for samosas, kachoris and Gujarati food items that are not to be missed. Get into the lanes and bylanes of this area and like a true foodie, don’t forget to try the South Indian specialities!

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