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Life lessons at bhelpuriwala’s

By Karanvir Arora It was an indecisive walk back home. I mean who eats two melt-in-the-mouth chicken puffs, three-fourth-of-a chicken frankie, a chilled glass of ginger lemon at 6 in the evening but still thinks of dinner closer to 8! Well, sadly I was. Many thoughts were erupting for a ‘light’ dinner plan ahead. Cuisines, […]

Casu Marzu: Cheese with live worms!

By Nadia Vitari Most of us really surrender in front of Italian food, and coming straight from that country, I can guarantee you, surely Mediterranean cuisine is often unbeatable! Olive oil, ham, authentic gelato, past, pizza, fresh seafood, fish and cheese… but do you know one of its dairy product is actually featured on CNN list […]

10 Summer Special Drinks With Easy Recipes

Summer is unleashing its wrath and the sweltering heat is on its peak. On the brighter side, it is times like these when you can bask in sunny afternoons, the company of good friends and a cool drink in your hand. A variety of fruits available during this season can quench your thirst all season long. […]

Tweets that meme us GIF a laugh!

Holachef’s Twitter handle manages to keep us on our toes with persistent feedback, queries, comments and more. And amidst those weighty concerns and questions, these hilarious memes crack us up and brighten the day. What can be more exciting than knowing that you have spent some precious time on finding the right expression to get […]

10 Interesting Soups From Across The World And A Recipe

Soups are a common meal course world over and every country has its own specialty, using indigenous ingredients. Served hot and cold, the entrée is a good start to calm the hungry tummy before enjoying a delicious meal.  Here’s a list of 10 soups from around the world, that use interesting ingredients right from dirt to fennel. Read on! 1. […]

10 Delicious Indian Pickle Recipes

Pickles have always been an integral part of the Indian meal. And what better way to preserves seasonal fruits and vegetables than to pickle them? Here’s an interesting list of recipes from across the country. Pick your favourite and try now! 1)   Kamal Kakdi Ka Achaar or Lotus Stem Pickle A crunchy vegetable that […]

Want Help With An Impressive CV? Tips Inside!

The standard word document that used to be meticulously structured and filled with content has graduated to become a creative, colorful and an engaging copy of self presentation. A CV these days, offers great scope for customization and if you are a seeking a job in a creative organisation, the following tips might just help […]