10 Unusual Indian Desserts On Holachef

Any Indian meal is deemed complete only when there are desserts waiting at the end of the fiesta. The love for sweets in India is evident with the enormous list of regional varieties and variations available in the market. At Holachef, the Indian desserts are a big hit and our stellar chefs have constantly tried to introduce unusual varieties. Here is a list of some drool-worthy desserts to order without a second thought!

1) Madhur Milan

An amalgamation of baby gulab jamun with sweet boondi for an Indian dessert which is sure to satiate that craving.

2) Rasbhari

Soft balls made from cottage cheese are dunked in sugar syrup for a dessert that hails from Bengal and is a juicy delight to bite into.

3) Rasraj

A Bengali delicacy filled with thick, smooth pista cream and garnished with a silver coating or vark, Rasraj is truly a delight for the senses.

4) Chocolate Samosa

The Indian favourite snack, samosa, is stuffed with a luscious filling of chocolate. A sweet take on the otherwise masaledaar street food.

5) Mirchanwala Halwa

Chopped green chillies boiled and cooked in desi ghee with khoya (reduced, evaporated milk), semolina and sugar for a sweet-spicy dessert with an interesting blend of flavours.

6) Sugarfree Dalia Kheer

A healthy dessert so to say of broken wheat slow-cooked in milk with sweet spices, minus the sugar, for a delicious indulgence.

7) Rose Jalebi

A favourite Indian sweet of crunchy rounds made from flour, deep fried and dipped in a rose flavoured, golden sugar syrup for a modern twist on a classic.

8) Kala Jamun

Soft balls made from cottage cheese and evaporated milk or khoya are deep fried for a longer time to achieve the black colour and are dunked in a flavoured sugar syrup for an indulgent Indian dessert.

9) Lagan Nu Custard

A speciality at Parsi weddings, this custard is slightly heavier than the classic caramel custard and is made using milk, eggs, cream and sugar blended with aromatic vanilla essence and mace powder and is garnished with cashew nuts.

10) Balushahi

A dessert of flour dumplings deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup for a delightful, crunchy experience!

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