10 Times When Holachef Menu Makes You Go Filmy

From igniting patriotism to making a hopeless romantic out of us, Hindi Cinema has what it takes to hold the collective attention of an entire nation – all at once. And the movies have taught us a thing or two about food as well. Who else do we acclaim, for teaching us that gajar ka halwa is made from maa ka haath and lassi is offered as a complementary drink with every meal in Punjab?

As Holachef gears up to present a menu dedicated to Daawat E Ishq on November 4, we wonder if our menus and chefs have managed to incite the drama in you all this while! Here’s what we think and imagine, when we read up all your feedback and reviews.


When your favourite dish on Holachef is sold out

You probably have built up that moment in your mind of feasting on your favorite platter, pre decided what your meal is going to be and finally when its time to order, you log in like a king to stare in disbelief….such is life.

Source- www.desimartini.com

When there is no Rasmalai listed on Holachef 

That day when you tasted heaven, licked the plate and have ever since logged on to Holachef every morning in search of the pretty dish…but the wait doesn’t seem to end.


When your favorite chef is on leave

This person reminds you of your mom’s food and one of those days when you miss this chef more than your mom.


When there is a free gift with your Holachef order

You just love more for less and one of those occasions when we nail it.

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When you have to share the meal with your friends

That guy who is a good friend and a great person otherwise, but whose gaze you hate when you start to open the meal.

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When you have had Dal Bati or Litti Chokha or Puran Poli

You don’t care which region it comes from, but this convinces you that you are not missing on anything in life.

Source- www.desimartini.com

When somebody uses your referral code

Can words ever describe free food? Awesome free food?

Source- www.mensxp.com

When you don’t find anything on the Holachef menu that you like

It’s one of those days and moments when it will take a miracle to invoke the foodie in you.

Source- www.tumblr.com


When the delivery guy does not get you change

You have selected cash on delivery only because you want that thousand rupee note to be ‘broken’…alas…


When you have had buttermilk without shaking the bottle 

The buttermilk was had first and the masalas were left for bottoms up, but you don’t want to compromise on the taste at any stage.

Source – www.mensxp.com

Order from our exclusive Daawat-E-Ishq menu on November 4 and do let us know if we have missed on any of your emotions!

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