10 Things You Didn’t Know About Holachef

Holachef is now 2 years old! It seems like only yesterday that we started out in Powai and today we are all over Mumbai and beyond. There’s a lot that we have done in the last 2 years that you have seen, tasted and liked. Here are 10 things (some of these are iconic incidences in our journey thus-far) which you didn’t know and we are spilling the beans now!

1) Slack saves the day

When things spiral out of control, use Slack.

With the team spread out across SoBo, Western suburbs, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune – there’s only one way to always stay in touch and keep the communication flowing: Slack!

In many ways, Slack keeps us all on the same (web) page. When our customer care team needs to report that your cheesecake in Borivali was not creamy enough, the entire team reads it at once and gets down to resolving the matter, chefs included! (This is just an example, our cheesecakes are pretty amazing. We have proof)

2) We love the Robin Hood Army

It’s a little known fact that every weekend (Sunday, to be precise), Holachef and Robin Hood Army collaborate to feed the less fortunate in Mulund-Thane area. The wonderful volunteers from Robin Hood Army inform our team about the number of food boxes they plan to distribute on the coming Sunday. Holachef’s team arranges for the boxes and delivers them around 4 pm near Teen Haath Naaka in Thane.

If you are free on a Sunday, you can volunteer with Robin Hood Army in your area too!

3) Our in-house social media sensation  

When a Tweet or a Facebook comment is not in our favor, these two gentlemen from our Care team are the ones who take the heat. Needless to say, they have a high-stress job. On the other hand, a positive comment or tweet from you really makes their day Also, they love being a little dramatic.

4) Our iOS ‘team’ is the Apple of our Eye!

Like our iOS app? Well you should know our iOS ‘team’  is actually just one person holding the fort. So if there’s a bug in the iOS app, you know who’s getting sleepless nights. Or not.

5) Cups of chai = number of orders

There’s a famous story that in the very early days of Holachef, our CEO believed that stepping out of office for chai had a direct co-relation with the number of orders we received. It was his conviction that every cup of tea he consumed would yield at least 10 orders. You can imagine how many gallons of chai has been consumed now that we deliver over 2,500 orders every day.

Saurabh, happy after drinking chai a hard day at work!

6) VCs expect discounts too!

Our angel investors often give us a call before placing their order at Holachef to ask “Koi coupon code hai kya?”  #WhatToDo

7) We are a team of (food) experts.

Sure, we are. Our CEO is a Meta Engineer with a background in oil and education industry; our CTO is a mechanical engineer, our marketing team is led by a Meta Engineer. #WeAreLikeThisOnly

8) We love Holachef freebies too! 

Our VP, Business and Sales, once placed as many as SIX individual Holachef orders in a single day because we were giving away a pair of cutting chai glasses with each order. We can’t blame her for wanting more of the fun goodies that are usually reserved for our favorite customers!

In her own words, Sadhna calls it #chaikidukaan

9) There is such a thing as free lunch. 

The Holachef team didn’t pay for its lunch for a very, very long time. There were so many chefs across the city sending in food to our ‘tasting experts’ every day, the entire office would be stuffed! With every dish receiving a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’, this was the fool-proof way we used to form our initial team of chefs!

Team tasting various ice-cream flavours to decide which ones are good enough to be listed on Holachef.

10) When the going gets tough, the Ops head gets going. 

Once it so happened that it was pouring a lot in Mumbai and we were short of resource for making deliveries. Not wanting to delay the orders, our VP – Operations, Samir, went out for making a few deliveries by himself in his car. One of the customers, not realizing that Samir wasn’t a delivery executive, gave him a generous tip upon accepting the order, which Samir gladly accepted (this was in the early days of Holachef, you see)! We later heard from the same customer over email appreciating the ‘delivery boy’ who made an on-time delivery despite getting drenched in the rains.

Samir, happy with his generous tip!

Despite all the craziness, it’s been a joyous ride last 2 years. And here’s to many more!

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