10 Popular Party Dishes At Holachef

New Year Eve is all about remembering the year gone by, the memories we have made, the new relationships we have formed great parties.  That said, we would be happy to join you on New Year’s Eve with a party order from Holachef. If you are getting together with friends and family, just tell us what they would like to eat and we will deliver it to you – neatly packed and ready to eat!

Here’s a list to make it easy – a list of our most popular party treats.

1. Biryani

This dish can rarely skip a menu and the Biryani invariably finds its way into the main course irrespective of the occasion. At Holachef, Chef Madhusudan Prasad prepares this delicacy using elaborate techniques and homemade spices. Even though biryanis can be fully enjoyed by themselves, we suggest pairing them with an assorted platter of kebabs for a complete meal.

2. Chicken Nuggets

If you planning to host a laid back party where friends and family can drop in at their convenience, chicken nuggets will serve as a quick party grazing. Tender chicken breasts seasoned, hand-breaded and cooked to a delight, makes for a perfect tray of tasty holiday appetizers.  Also, everybody loves chicken nuggets, right? Serve this with ketchup, barbeque  sauce or whatever you like to dip your nuggets into.

3. Macaroni Salad

A light and healthy dish prepared by Chef Sandeep Harmalkar, Macaroni Salad is something that the kids at your party will definitely enjoy. This is a light version and all the flavours all stand out beautifully. The salad can be a popular New Year meal pick if you plan to have an option for your health conscious guests. Your friends will feel a little less guilty binging on this substantial main course salad which pairs well with a sweet and citrusy combination of a refreshing lemon based drink.

4. Refried Beans and Jalapeno Quesadillas with Salsa

Here is one way you can spice up your New Year fiesta with some authentic Mexican cuisine. Cooked beans are stir-fried with vegetables, garlic and herbs and paired with flour tortillas stuffed with a spicy Mexican filling of jalapenos. This delightful combination is in accompaniment with a side of the classic salsa. Our star Chef Nishant Pawar use selected seasonings and peppers to give your guests something authentic that has great flavours and all the South American excitement. This is a Mexican holiday delicacy enjoyed during the winters and serves well for your backyard get-together.

5. Vegetable Fricassee in Fine Herb Sauce with Tomato Relish and Pilaf

A comforting way to bring in the new year and wow your guests at the same time. This platter includes hearty vegetables cooked in a rich, silky sauce flavoured with fine herbs, accompanied by a savoury tomato relish and a rice delicacy cooked together with herbs and spices. This classic French dish serves as an interesting meal option for  experiential foodies. Since this dish freezes well, you can use the leftover sauce on your mashed potatoes later as well.

7. Kerala Style Pepper Mutton with Parathas

If you prefer a region specific addition to the menu, Chef Ravi Saha’s Kerala style pepper mutton is something that you must consider for your soiree. Cooked with a selection of ethnic spices and paired with parathas this makes for a sublime South Indian meal. This dish is sure to please even the pickiest eaters in your guest list and not just the spice lovers.

6. Paneer Chilli Dry

A party menu without this Chinese meal appetizer mixed with some lovely Indo-Chinese flavours feels incomplete. Preferred as a starter, this can be eaten yet again with the main meal course- lest they get polished off before. The sweet, sour and spicy flavours are blended well by our resident Chef Mohit Chotrani and makes this a great option for your vegetarian guests.

Holachef Party Order

8. Chicken, Leek & Mushroom Stroganoff with Butter Rice

A dish that’s filling, comforting and doesn’t involve meat. Our resident Chef Sandeep Harmalkar prepares the stroganoff with a nice texture that’s weighty and delicious and pairs this with a portion of yummy butter rice, perfect for the cold weather. This savoury combination of cream and butter is a good way to end the year with your friends and warm up the bellies.

9. Roast Chicken in Burnt Chilli Sauce with Egg Fried Rice

This recipe by Chef Nishant Pawar is forged through years of  experience  and improvised by his techniques. A great roast chicken — the kind with meat that’s juicy and flavorful, accompanied by a burnt chilli sauce and paired with a portion of delicious egg fried rice,  might be how your friends will remember this New Year’s party. This is a must have dinner party entrée as you find yourself busy coordinating the other pieces of your party.

10. Fresh Fruits with Whipped Cream

End the party on a light note with this bowl of fresh seasonal fruits. The healthy dessert is ideal after a sumptuous meal and for those who might want to still indulge it is accompanied with a serving of whipped cream. This combo by Chef Ravi Saha is a hit on our daily menu as well.

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