10 Must Try Gujarati Dishes at Holachef and Chundo Recipe

Gujarati cuisine is famous for its elaborate thalis and the crisp, spicy munchies served as snacks in many Indian homes. Largely vegetarian, their dishes and recipes use a lot of yogurt, groundnuts, sesame seeds and not to forget the pinch of sugar in almost everything! At Holachef, our chefs make some of the most sumptuous Gujarati dishes and drinks, check this delicious list!

1. Palak Theplas with Chundo

A Gujarati flatbread wherein wheat flour is mixed with spinach leaves, powdered spices and cooked for a healthy meal; served with a sweet-tangy pickle of raw mangoes.

2. Dal Dhokli with Methi Nu Gota

Steamed rotis made with gram flour, carom seeds and curd are cut into pieces and soaked in a lentil preparation of toor dal, garnished with pomegranate seeds on top; accompanied by deep fried dumplings made from a thick batter of fenugreek leaves and gram flour mixed with masalas.

3. Batata Nu Chaalwalu Shaak with Baked Chapatis

A Gujarati dish of potato chunks cooked in a curry laden with masalas; to be relished with baked chapatis.

4. Tomato nu Shaak with Parathas, Khatta Moong with Rice

A Gujarati dish of tomatoes cooked in a thick curry laden with masalas; to be relished with parathas. This combination is accompanied by a tangy lentil preparation of moong dal seasoned with spices and paired with rice.

5. Dhokla and Patra with Chutney

A Gujarati snack of steamed gram flour cakes seasoned with simple spices; paired with a snack of gram flour mixed with powdered spices and smeared on nutritious colocasia leaves, rolled, steamed and then sauteed with spices; served with chutney on the side.

6. Pudina Masala Thepla with Curd

A Gujarati flatbread wherein whole wheat flour is mixed with mint leaves and powdered spices, rolled into rotis and cooked for a delightful blend of flavours; served with yogurt on the side.

7. Undhiyo with Pooris

A Gujarati delicacy wherein eggplants, flat beans, potatoes, pumpkin and yam are cooked together with a traditional spice mix of peanuts, sesame seeds and coconut, topped off with methi muthiya; to be relished with pooris.

8. Fafda with Jalebi

Deep fried Gujarati fafda (similar to papad) made from gram flour flavoured with spices; coupled with spiral-shaped, crunchy jalebis made from flour are dipped in sugar syrup for a platter with a balance of savoury and sweet.

9. Khatti Meethi Gujarati Kadhi with Rice and Fried Mirchi

A sweet and sour yogurt based sauce, thickened with gram flour and finished off with a seasoning of traditional Gujarati spices; best relished with rice and served with a side of fried chillies.

10. Doodhi Chana Dal with Rotis and Sambhariya Tindora

Bengal gram cooked with bottle gourd chunks and infused with the flavours of Indian spices; to be relished with rotis; accompanied by a Gujarati dish of ivy gourd cooked with a selection of spices and coconut.

Recipe – Gujarati Chundo


1 grated raw mango

1 cup sugar

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 ½ tsp cumin powder

1 tsp chilli powder

Salt to taste


Mix the grated mangoes, salt and turmeric powder, add sugar to the mixture and keep aside.
Heat a pan and saute the mixture till it thickens. When it begins to glisten and bubbles appear, add the cumin powder and let it cool.
Transfer to a glass jar and seal it well.

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