10 Dhaba Foods to Try at Holachef

Who doesn’t love the steaming hot food at Indian highway dhabas! Ah – the rustic taste, the fresh flavors and the local quirks of the place. Road trips would not be the same if we were to eat at air conditioned restaurants along the way. It’s the dhabas that make an Indian highway- travel truly wholesome.

On that note, there are tons of dhabas out there on every national or state highway- lined up one after the other. How do you pick one to ensure you get the best dhaba food experience in the vicinity?

Let us help you here – the trick to choosing the best dhaba while on a road trip, dear friend, is to select the one where you see maximum number of trucks parked outside! These truck-wallahs are regulars and they have tried and tested each of these places. More number of truckers at a dhaba imply higher recommendation to that particular joint!  Isn’t that an interesting trivia?

It is thus safe to say that when it comes to dhaba food, the truck drivers know the best.

At Holachef, we bring you some rustic recipes that will remind you of the classic dhaba style food – especially made by our team of expert chefs.

1. Punjabi Baingan Bharta with Parathas, Dal Panchmel and Jeera Rice

A North Indian specialty of roasted brinjal cooked in an onion and tomato gravy mixed with aromatic spices. This combination is accompanied by 5 different lentils cooked together, seasoned with spices; paired with jeera rice.

2. Murgh Highway with Parathas and Mint Chutney

A paratha and spicy chicken curry meal combination straight from the small dhabas on the highway, served with mint flavoured chutney on the side.

3. Fish Curry (Rawas) with Steamed Rice

A delightful simple fish curry with a unique blend of spices; best relished with rice.

4. Murgh Nawabi Korma with Parathas, Dal GT Road Wali (Khadi Masoor Dal) and Steamed Rice

A royal meal wherein chicken is cooked in a yellow gravy with whole spices, sauteed in onions, mint leaves, yogurt, ginger and garlic; best relished with parathas. This combination is accompanied by a lentil delicacy of whole masoor dal; paired with rice.

5. Kofta Hariyali with Bajra Rotis  and Lasun chutney

Deep fried fritters with the goodness and flavour of spinach, coriander and fenugreek cooked in a white gravy; to be relished with healthy millet rotis and a side of garlic chutney. This is a classic dhaba meal which is not to be missed!

6. Paneer Methi Mehek and Rengi Masala (Lobia) with Parathas and Masala Buttermilk

Cubed paneer pieces cooked with fenugreek leaves in a creamy white gravy; served with a flavoursome chawli bean preparation; to be relished with parathas. This meal is served with a refreshing drink made with churned curd, water and a masala seasoning.

7. Banarasi Aloo Chutneywale and Rasewale Soya Bean Matar with Parathas

Baby potatoes prepared in a greenish gravy with a sweet and spicy taste; paired with soya beans cooked in homemade masalas and prepared in a brown onion gravy; to be relished with parathas.

8. NH10 Paneer (Kadhai Paneer) with Pudina Parathas

Cottage cheese pieces stir-fried with capsicum and a rich collection of traditional Indian spices, simmered in a fragrant tomato-based gravy; to be relished with flavoured parathas.

9. Patiala Lassi

A refreshing Punjabi drink containing yogurt, sugar and dry fruits! No meal in a dhaba on a Punjabi highway is finish without this drink.

10. Murgh Parwana with Pudina Parathas

Chicken cooked with bell peppers, onions and garam masalas in a red gravy; to be relished with mint flavoured parathas.

Order any of these dishes or from a host of other dhaba specialities from our exclusive menu on 12th October 2015!

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