10 Delicious South Indian Dishes On Holachef

The mix of spicy-tangy flavours, the texture of soft idlis and crispy vadas and the tongue tantalising flavours of South Indian chutneys are definitely something to savour. In some cases, it is true that idli-sambhar is a frequent fare in a North Indian household than in a South Indian ones; thanks to the dosa centres that have stemmed across the country. Here’s a list of some of the most popular South Indian dishes on Holachef, try them if you haven’t already!

1) Rasam with Rice and Dal Vada

A watery stew made tangy with tamarind and seasoned with traditional South Indian spices, rasam is best relished with plain rice. A crispy snack of dal vada is made from soaked lentils ground together with spices and chillies and are deep-fried to achieve a nice crunch.

2) Idli with Sambhar and Tomato Chutney

Idlis, a hot favourite, have a batter of urad dal and rice steamed for fluffy round cakes and are served with their rightful companion of a traditional South Indian sambar wherein lentils are cooked with vegetables, brought to a boil with masalas, tamarind pulp and finished off with a seasoning of spices. A side of tomato chutney is just what is required to relish between bites.

3) Andhra Bonda with Rasam, Lemon Rice and Podi

Classic Andhra bondas or fried dumplings made from a batter of rice and lentils are best relished with rasam; a watery stew of sour and spicy flavours. The platter is completed with a portion of lemon rice that has flavours of lemon juice and is seasoned with spices served with podi – a powder of roasted lentils and whole spices.

4) Masala Idli with Medu Vada, Sambar and Chutney

Steamed idli chunks are sauteed with a blend of spices; coupled with delightful, deep-fried medu vadas made from urad dal. These vadas taste best with a traditional South Indian sambhar and chutney on the side.

5) Sorakaya Pappu with Palak Rice and Groundnut Chutney

A delicious dish from the South wherein lentils and bottle gourd slices are cooked together and seasoned with simple spices; to be relished with a delicious preparation of rice cooked with a puree of spinach leaves. The dish is accompanied by  groundnut chutney on the side.

6) Curd Rice with Idli Tawa Masala, Pickle and Fryums

Curd rice is a comfort food for most South Indians where cooked rice is mixed with yoghurt and finished off with a seasoning of fried urad dal, mustard seeds, green chilies and chopped cilantro. The platter also has, idli tawa masala – a snack of idli chunks sauteed with dry spices, onions and tomatoes and is accompanied by a spicy-tangy pickle and fryums on the side.

7) Dosakaya Pappu with Coconut Rice and Ginger Pachadi

A dish from Andhra wherein round cucumber chunks are cooked with lentils and finished off with a seasoning of spices, to be enjoyed with coconut rice. A side of zesty ginger chutney is perfect to add some zing to the meal.

8) Kanchipuram Idli with Dal Vada and Sambar

Idli batter mixed with whole spices and steamed for a fluffy and soft cakes; coupled with delicious fried vadas made from soaked lentils ground with spices. The combo is best had with a South Indian sambar of vegetables cooked with lentils and tamarind and finished off with a seasoning of spices.

9) Palak Rice with Tomato Rasam and Pickle

Rice cooked with a puree of boiled spinach leaves, flavoured with ginger, garlic, green chillies and finished off with a seasoning of spices; to be relished with a watery stew made tangy with tomatoes and traditional South Indian spices; accompanied by pickle on the side.

10) Mix Veg Avial with Chapatis, Tomato Rasam and Rice

A traditional delicacy from Kerala wherein mixed vegetables are cooked with a paste of coconut and traditional spices; to be relished with chapatis. This combination is accompanied by a watery stew made tangy with tomatoes and seasoned with masalas, and served with rice.

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