10 Delicious Eggless Desserts On Holachef

Sponge cakes, layered pies, pastries, mousses and brownies are just a few indulgences that make it extremely difficult to say no to desserts. However filling a meal is, there is always room for a dessert, especially when the spread includes such mouthwatering options.
Here is a list of desserts that are are eggless with no compromise on the taste and are a hot favourite on Holachef.

1) Banoffee Pie

Caramel and chocolate cream filled in a baked pie crust with a biscuit base and finished off with a topping of bananas and grated chocolate.

2) Mystery Dessert

A mysterious dessert which is a true delight! A crust of flour and nuts topped with cream cheese blended with sugar, chocolate pudding and milk.

3) Naked Layer Cake

A delectable cake where layers of soft sponge and deliciously rich chocolate come together to satiate that sweet tooth craving.

4) Triple Layer Custard

A triple layered dessert of delicious fruit-laden sponge cake and custard topped with whipped cream.

5) Almond Tart

A baked pie crust filled with a sinful mix of almonds, sugar, chocolate and sweet spices blended with whipped cream.

6) Dutch Truffle Cake

A simply delicious chocolate cake placed in layers with melted chocolate whipped with thick, smooth cream for a dessert that is sinfully indulgent.

7) Blueberry No Bake Cheesecake

A crispy pie crust filled with cream, blueberries, sugar, sweet spices all whipped together, topped with a frosting and refrigerated to present a delightful cheesecake.

8) Double Shots

Melted chocolate, sugar, vanilla essence and thick whipped cream blended to a creamy, smooth perfection and topped with cheese berry for a simply delicious dessert.

9) Crackle Coffee Cake

Layers of spongy crumble cake and chocolate crackle topped with a beautiful amalgamation of roasted coffee beans and cream.

10) Oats and Wheat Flour Brownie

A cakey-fudgy brownie with the goodness of oats and wheat flour blended with sweet spices for a healthy, indulgent dessert.

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